Sunday 3 March 2019

The Benefits of Essential Oils Like Palo Santo!

We all know about there has been hype about the benefits of essential oils and how they can make our lives better. Essential oils have many uses and a million reasons people are using them everyday in all kinds of ways.  

Essential oils have been used to set a positive attitude and improve mood. They can improve sleep and relaxation helping to improve overall quality of life. There are oils used for pain, inflammation and healing helping those who struggle with day to day life or have recently been sick or had surgery. Boosting the immune system is another essential oil benefit and can really help during the hard cold and flu seasons. Essential oils can help with all types of skin ailments, rashes, and irritants. 

Some of the most common essential oils and their benefits include:

  • Frankincense oil can be used as a meditation aid, skin ailments, and immune support and can calm nightmares
  • Lavender oil is great for relaxation, insect bites and sunburns
  • Clove oil is helpful for tooth pain, cold sores and arthritis
  • Grapefruit essential oil can ease a hangover, diminish anxiety, and kill airborne bacteria
  • Orange oil is great for the immune system, anti aging and has disinfectant properties for cleaning
  • Lemon oil is great for your hair, increases the lifetime of your fruits and veggies, and helps aid in cleaning
  • Geranium Rose oil is a great aid in menstrual cramps, liver detoxing and skin irritations
  • Peppermint oil can cool you down during a hot flash, can increase concentration, soothe allergies and aching muscles
  • Oregano oil can fight infection, ease a sore throat, and can eliminate intestinal worms
  • Rosemary oil can improve circulation, brain health, and has anti cancer agents
  • Eucalyptus oil can reduce fever, work as an insect repellent, and can benefit diabetics
  • Tea Tree oil is great for many skin complications like razor burn, eczema, psoriasis, and more
  • Palo Santo reduces inflammation, has antioxidant properties, removes odours, repels insects, reduces stress, improves sleep, and boosts immune system

What have you heard about Palo Santo? Palo Santo is used for relieving common colds, flus, stress, asthmaheadaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and much more. This Essential Oil is great for Aromatherapy and can also be used during massage work to assist in healing. Palo santo, which means “holy wood” or “wood of the saints,” is a fallen wood from a fragrant tree that grows in South America.

Besides the aromatherapy benefits these wondrous trees also help with:

  • Relaxation
  • Insect repellent
  • Household cleaner
  • Detox and purification
  • Spiritual cleansing and more
You can find this wonderful essential oil in soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos, incense and more! The benefits are outstanding! You can find Palo Santo products  and so much more here at EcuadorianHandsBy buying Palo Santo products from EcuadorianHands, you also help to preserve this precious tree, as part of the profits go toward financing the Palo Santo Reforestation Project. EcuadorianHands has vast experience in the sustainable management of Palo Santo and harvests only naturally fallen branches and trunks, without cutting down any living trees, damaging the surrounding area or making new paths.

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