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Printable Pillow Fort Signs

If you have a child in elementary school, it always seems like it’s someone’s birthday. One after another, it can be hard to keep track of. That’s why we all understand that last minute rush to find a cute gift for your child’s next birthday or slumber party. With these awesome DIY pillow fort printables , you can make an amazing gift that will be the hit of the sleep over — all without breaking the bank. Simply Gather together a few necessary supplies like a sheet and clothespins, and print our the pillow fort gift tag included in the gift. Take it to the next level and print out the included signs and flags to name the fort or write the name of the recipient on their very own signs. Plus, the no-fail instructions guide you through the process of making a simple pillow fort, making this gift fun all around. Use these printables by Sleep Advisor to put together an awesome and affordable gift, or even keep them for yourself and break them out on a rainy day for the perfect indoor activ

Ways To Teach Kids About Community & The Environment

Teaching kids about our communities and the environment is a very important step to creating a better and brighter future. Not only will they have the tools they need to grow and become contributing members of society but, they will be able to pass the knowledge onto others and help give back. Here are a few ways to teach kids about giving back to the community and helping the environment: Take them to clean up local parks and streets so they can see the affects of littering. Explain how it accumulates and begins to create unsightly messes and harms the environment.  Plants and animals  suffer from littering as well as the community so it is good to touch on these points and explain why it is so harmful. Another great topic to touch base on is  10 painless ways to give your kids a CO2-free planet and save money doing it. Take them on a tour within local buildings. Our brownie group took a tour of a local frozen yogurt shop to see how it works. They learned a

Mind De-Clutter: 7 Things to Stop Telling Yourself

Being a woman is tough, and not just because of the million different things you have to do each day. Sat in the background is that nagging doubt that you don’t measure up to the flawless beauty you’re exposed to every time you watch TV or check your social media. But what can you do about it? Well, happiness starts with a mind de-clutter. It’s all about getting rid of negativity so that you can have more time and space for positivity. Here’s how you can make it happen. You Need to Lose Weight Weight is something that nearly every woman is made to think about at some point. It used to be that skinny was all that mattered, but now more and more women are building athletic looks with hours in the gym in spin classes and CrossFit . That’s great for them, but what if it’s not for you? What if you just want to be… you? It’s about accepting the way you look in the here and now, and having the confidence to change it the natural way if you don’t like what you’re seeing. A bit

How To Teach Kids To Become Entrepreneurs

New Series of Children’s Books Teaches Kids About Entrepreneurship In his new children’s book, ‘The  Real   Estate ’s: A  Real   Estate  Investing Family’, Ivan Nemorin teaches children about  real   estate  investing, fostering a love of entrepreneurship at an early age.  The series, Entrepreneurship Books for Kids, depicts various age-appropriate lessons about entrepreneurship.   In his new children’s book,   The  Real   Estate ’s: A  Real   Estate  Investing Family , author Ivan Nemorin teaches children about   real   estate   investing, fostering a love of entrepreneurship at an early age.  In the story, the   Real   Estate ’s son, Maddox, doesn’t understand why his family owns several properties. Why do they own so many homes, even though they already have a house to live in? To teach Maddox about   real   estate   and entrepreneurship, his parents take him through the process of listing and renting out a home. The  Real   Estate ’s: A  Real   Estate  Investin

Find Your Signature Scent With This Fun Perfume Quiz

When you’re a busy mom it can be hard to throw together the perfect outfit. No matter if you’re on your way to a playdate, out with friends or going to the grocery store in your sweatpants, you have time to spritz on your signature scent. There are several different ways people wear a signature scent. Some people have their tried and true favorite perfume. Some prefer to change their scent with the seasons and some will dress it up or down depending on the occasion. However, if you don’t know what your favorite fragrance is, it can be tough to decide. Nobody has time to go through the process of doing research to figure out which scent works best for them. Your personality will say a lot about what scent you use. That’s why FragranceX designed this fun fragrance quiz to help you narrow down your options. You can either take the interactive quiz they built out or you can use the fun flowchart below to help you figure out which scent family works best for your per

How to turn errands with your child into a budgeting lesson (and still keep your sanity)

There’s not a parent alive who doesn’t dread bringing their children with them when running to the store. In fact, I’m surprised that grocery stores don’t offer a childcare service for parents – I’d be willing to forego half of my grocery budget to pay for that. I have a six-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy; rarely is there a shopping trip with them where one of us doesn’t leave in tears. A way to make shopping trips with the kids less painful while also teaching them important money management skills. I’m not saying that our shopping trips aren’t still fairly painful (I’m only human), but at least now I feel like there is some good that is coming out of these torture trips. Below are my tips for teaching your kids about money before, during and after the store. 1 -  Allowance:  In order for your child to learn how to budget, they need to have one important thing…money! Yes, I’m talking about allowance. I’m a pro-allowancer (trying to make this a real term), and believe in starting all