Find Your Signature Scent With This Fun Perfume Quiz

When you’re a busy mom it can be hard to throw together the perfect outfit. No matter if you’re on
your way to a playdate, out with friends or going to the grocery store in your sweatpants, you have time
to spritz on your signature scent.

There are several different ways people wear a signature scent. Some people have their tried and true
favorite perfume. Some prefer to change their scent with the seasons and some will dress it up or down
depending on the occasion.

However, if you don’t know what your favorite fragrance is, it can be tough to decide. Nobody has time
to go through the process of doing research to figure out which scent works best for them. Your
personality will say a lot about what scent you use.

That’s why FragranceX designed this fun fragrance quiz to help you narrow down your options.
You can either take the interactive quiz they built out or you can use the fun flowchart below to help
you figure out which scent family works best for your personal style.


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