6 Ways to Plan a Holiday on a Budget

 There aren’t too many things that are more exciting than jetting off on a holiday. Taking in new sites, eating new foods and possibly seeing old friends are just a few of the things you can expect to do whilst on a holiday. 


However, if there’s one thing that can really bring us down when we're on holidays, it’s the cost. Nobody should be forced to sit in their hotel room reflecting over the steps to recuperate their expenses on their holiday. 


With that said, we have a whole range of tips and tricks below that will make it easy to plan a holiday on a budget.


Choose a suitable location


For future holiday-goers who haven’t yet settled on a location, it’s always a good idea to consider a city or town that’s affordable. You’d be surprised by just how much you could save if you chose to stay in a hotel outside of the city you’d like to visit. 


Take the time to make a plan beforehand which takes travel times and public transport into account. By doing this you'll know how far out of the city you can stay and which public transport routes to take to get into town. 


You might find yourself saving $100 a night or even more on hotels as you’ll be staying outside of a hotspot. Though you won’t be missing out on any sites or attractions because your planned access to public transport will keep you within range of the city at all times.


Take advantage of short loans to snap udeals


If you’ve ever scrolled down your social feeds or checked your emails to see an incredible holiday deal that you couldn't afford, then this tip is for you. 


These incredibly deals are often only provided once or twice a year during promotions and are only available for the first few people to book. That means you have to book right away in order to be saving thousands. 


Now, you might not have the savings in the bank to snap up the deal right away, so consider relying on short term loan providers like CashnGo. You’ll have access to up to $2,000 which you’ll be able to combine with your own savings to get a hold of those great promotional deals.  


Bundle Hotels, Flights and Daily Expenses


When budget holidays are concerned, unforeseen expenses could be disastrous. You may find yourself spending too much on food, shopping, accommodation or anything else, which defeats the whole purpose of the budget holiday. 


We suggest only booking bundled or packaged holidays. This way you’re getting a deal, and also able to more easily calculate what you’re going to spend. 


Head over to Expedia for some examples of bundled holidays and you might find that some locations are up to 70% off when purchased in a holiday package. 


Consider a Staycation


One of the easiest ways to stay within budget on your holiday is to simply go on a staycation.


There are likely hundreds of vacation opportunities around where you live, which could cost you only a few hundred dollars and also give you an entirely new perspective on where you live.


Head off to a nearby town, go camping or even stay in a hotel that’s just a few minutes drive from your home. You might find that you have a different outlook on your city when you’re in ‘holiday mode’ and that could mean you have a whole lot of fun without even needing to leave. 


It’s the change of mindset you may desperately need and your bank account will thank you. 


Book Hotels and Flights in Advance


We all know that leaving flights and bookings until the last minute can result in financial penalties. That said, make sure you’re online and scoring the web for holiday deals as soon as possible. 


We advise booking at least three months in advance for both hotels and flights as this will give you the best deal possible. 


Additionally, if you use Google Flights, you’ll be able to enable price change notifications. That way, you won’t miss out on any sneaky last minute airline deals. 


Stay at Smaller Hotels


Wed all love to unpack and wind down in a Sofitel or a Hilton, but when it comes to a budget, luxury hotel chains are a no-go. 


Take a look online prior to booking a hotel and search for smaller hotels or family-owned businesses. You might be able to pick up a bargain for less than one hundred dollars a night without giving up too much luxury at all.

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