Thursday 29 August 2019

Anyone Else Ready For Back To School? Here’s How We Prepared!

Holy crap summer is almost over and I am literally planning my appreciation & Christmas gifts for my brave teachers taking on the madness of the school year! I absolutely love being a mom and running a daycare but this summer has been a long one. Seven kids all day five days a week, summer camps, beach trips, play dates, sleepovers, and the list goes on. I am thrilled to be back in routine and ready to rock the school year. 

Get back to sleeping schedules! We started our sleep schedule adjustment and are getting better at getting up early now. It is always a good idea to start waking up the kids a couple hours earlier a few weeks before school starts. This is especially true for parents who work from home like me, the kids have been trying to sleep in until 9/10 for the past two months. Either way your going to be dragging them out of bed to get moving but this way it’s not unexpected and gives them time to adjust. 

Packing lunches that fill those giant holes! My kids are growing so fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. They eat non stop when given the opportunity but since I run a daycare they have been eating at set meal and snack times for years now except on the weekends and holidays. My oldest boy is now 11 and a bottomless pit so feeding him until he’s full usually requires lots of bread, noodles, and some sort of large shovel to pack it in his gaping yap! I have a great list of creative snack ideas you can use or inspiration! 

Getting a homework plan in place! My kids are generally good in school, besides the fact that both boys have ADHD so it’s hard to get them to sit still for longer than two seconds. They know homework must be done before anything fun happens and that is a very basic and easy rule to follow for any family. There’s so much stigma and pressure around kids and school work, they don’t need to be pushed like crazy and stressed out especially at younger ages. Read why recess is more important than homework!

Lots of praise for the teachers! These are the people that take the role in being the cheapest and most important child care providers for millions of kids around the globe! Much respect to all the teachers out there because as a child care provider I know how tiring and challenging teaching can be. Remember parents: parenting starts at home so don’t let your little vagina dumplings be disrespectful, teach them the rules, and ensure they know that their teacher is there to make their lives better and help them grow! 

Welcome back to the school hustle and bustle parents! Have fun and enjoy watching them grow, it doesn’t last long! Remember to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram to get more tips on how to handle the craziest job you will ever have! 

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