Thursday 15 August 2019

Scrapbooking - 5 Reasons People Are Obsessed With It!

Some would describe scrapbooking as happiness through a homemade style. It is an arts and crafts project that will simply make you feel more useful and satisfied. If you have a lot of free time on your hands and feel like you need to do something creative, you should definitely give a chance to scrapbooking.

You'll have a lot of time with it, and it will definitely keep one of the most precious moments in your life. Besides, you won't need a lot of items to complete your scrapbook. All you need is an empty book with blank pages, pictures, scissors, glue, and a die cutting machine. Everything else you can leave it to your imagination.  

Some might think that this is a boring idea, but this is where they’re wrong. For those that are not so into arts and crafts and without inspiration, they won’t have to go through all of that trouble to make a scrapbook. But for those that want to experience new and fun homemade things, they should definitely start with scrapbooking. Click hereYou’ll end up having a lot of time and continue with the process day after day. Here are some of the reasons why people love to do this: 

Photos and memories

Isn't it better for your pictures to have a home instead of staying on your phone when you can easily erase them? Memories are important. Time goes by, and maybe your kids and grandkids would want to look at old pictures of your life. You won't be able to show them on your phone because you will probably delete them by that time. But having a scrapbook of your own can make them more interested in finding out more about your life. Scrapbooks can be quite colorful and pleasing to look at. You can decorate it with different shapes and designs made by dies.

Different styles

A lot of people have taste in different things. Your scrapbook will surely differ from the one your friend has. But that's what so fun about it. You can use your imagination and creativity to make one based on your taste and style. You are free to do whatever you want with it. It will be like your own personal art project that can be beautified only by your wishes and desires. It's pretty cool, isn't it? And under each picture you place, you can write stories and dates. That way, you will always remember the moment.

Better photographer

If your goal is to make an aesthetically looking scrapbook, then you will surely devote more time into how you take pictures. You will want to make them as beautiful as they can be before you glue them into the book.

Once you take the photos, you can easily edit them to correct a few mistakes and add some filters on them so they will look artsier. As a finishing touch, decorate the photo with a gorgeous frame of die-cutting paper to make it more appealing. You can find these types of machines easily, and they are not so expensive. Check out the link for more

Creativity and relaxation

Every time you have a great idea, you can use it to beautify your book. Not many are aware of this, but cutting out pictures and gluing them together on blank pages is an extremely calming process. There's nothing involved in the process that will make you feel frustrated and angry.

If anything, it will make you a true artist with visions and ideas. Also, something that is done by your hands it will have more value for you. You'll treasure the book for a very long time because it will last until the day you die.


As mentioned above, photos and memories are important. You can easily forget something special as life goes by. If you don’t want to do that, then start gluing your favorite moments in the scrapbook. This way, you can revisit the moments over and over again and remember how happy you were.

A lot of things change during your life. You might not have some of these moments you had in the past. That's why it is essential to keep them glued in inside your favorite album.

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