Saturday 7 September 2019

Can a mortgage broker get you a better deal?

A mortgage broker specializes in advising people on mortgages. When looking for the best mortgage terms and rates, many buyers contact a mortgage broker for help.  With an experienced mortgage broker, you can find a property that you want. However, brokers have had a rough time over the past few years. The primary problem is that lenders have often reserved the best rates for those who go direct. The internet has also made it easier for borrowers to search the market without seeking help. For these reasons, it is tempting to cut out the middleman. As such, most people often wonder whether a mortgage broker can still get them the best mortgage deal.

If you feel like you no longer need the services of a mortgage, you may want to rethink your decision. Mortgage advice from a reputable broker can be of great value. Read on to discover why a mortgage broker can get you the best deal.

  1. Protection. When you enlist the services of a mortgage broker, the broker has a duty of care to you. He or she must give you the right recommendations and justify why he or she has chosen that mortgage. If the lease does not match their advice, you can file a complaint, and he or she should compensate you. Additionally, the relationship between you and your broker will be long-term. As such, they have to find you an excellent deal so that they may not lose you. If you decide to go directly and you end up with a mortgage you cannot afford, you may not have so much legal resource.

  1. Qualification. When shopping for a mortgage, you have to consider many things. Buying a mortgage is not as simple as going for the cheapest rate available. Seeking advice from a qualified broker can save you the pain of ending up with an unaffordable property. If you opt to contact a lender’s call center, the staff may not be qualified.

  1. Brokers are on your side. A mortgage broker will always look for a property based on what you want. He or she will give you access to several products compared to when you go direct. Mortgage brokers are not on the lender’s side, and they will provide you with unbiased advice. Instead of restricting yourself to a single lender, consider contacting a mortgage broker, and you will have access to different lenders.

  1. Industry Knowledge. The primary reason why you should seek advice from a mortgage broker is that they know the industry. Over the last few years, mortgage eligibility criteria have tightened. The strict rules ensure that borrowers can afford their mortgage even when the rates increase. Mortgage rules change with time. As such, you must stay in the loop. A mortgage broker deals with several borrowers and lenders daily. They understand the application process, and they know which lenders can process everything within a short time. As a result, it is vital to work with a mortgage broker.

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