Tips for Traveling the World at Little to No Cost

Traveling the world is a wonderful opportunity that can improved your wisdom and open your eyes to new experiences. When you can travel the world for nearly nothing, the experience is that much better. Plus, you can travel to more destinations if you keep your costs low on each trip. 

In recent years, travel has become more affordable and easier to figure out. Everything from booking a flight, flight efficiency, large planes, etc. have made things much more efficient and cost effective. Say thanks to technology. Technology isn’t the only way that you can explore for little cost. 

I’ll highlight a few tips to consider:

Favorite Tips for Traveling the World for Little Cost

1. Consider travel hacking

Travel hacking is a recent revelation that has opened the doors to many travelers. With travel hacks, you essentially use credit cards, rewards points and booking tricks to get to destinations for no out of pocket costs. There are plenty of small hacks that you can learn like using Google Flights to find low cost travel opportunities.

2. Book experiences to see cities

I love the recent revelation of “experiences” rather than tour guides. This is a great way to see a destination from a local’s point of view. These are some of the top sites to book experiences

With experiences you will end up seeing multiple sites with one upfront cost and you gain the following benefits:

• Become friends with locals
• Meet other travelers and connect
• Find the many hidden gems of a city and avoid tourist traps (a good example of this was when I found a variety of hidden gems in Amsterdam from booking an experience!) 

If you want to keep costs even lower, consider finding Facebook meetup groups for travelers. You can actually go sightseeing with other locals as a group for free. What’s not to love about that?

3. Consider using your content to make passive income

Here is where technology plays a great part in travel these days. When you go on trips, you experience a lot of memories, take photos, capture videos, eat amazing food and so much more. Cell phones have excellent video and camera quality these days. 

Why not capture that content and publish it for others to use? You can upload these photos to stock photography sites. Or, take it a step further and document everything that you’ve done via a blog. You can use your blog as a journal for your travel experiences. Then, start monetizing your site and you can earn some side hustle income. 

You never know, your site and content might find a lot of respect in the community! You never know where it might take you? If you earn enough income of your content, you can then use that income to travel more!

Go out and explore. What are some of your favorite tips for traveling for little cost? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

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