Sunday 8 September 2019

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas For Fall

Handing out wedding favors is a classic gifting tradition and an opportunity for the bride and groom to say thank you to their guests who have traveled near and far to attend the celebration. Over the years, traditional favors have developed a bad habit for ending up left behind or in the trash, so why not try switching up the standard match box and koozie for something delicious instead?

These edible wedding favors are so delectable, they’ll never get left behind. And as fall wedding season is upon us, these ideas are full of autumn flavors. 

We’ve also included free sticker downloads so you can print and customize your favors right at home. For best results, print on a full sheet of stickable paper and cut along the dotted line - it’s that simple! If you'd like to use a blank sticker to write in your own message, you can download and print that template here.

Here are some of our favorite salty and savory wedding favor ideas. For our complete list of 45 edible wedding favors, including sugary and sweet ideas and drinkable wedding favor options, click here

Baked with love baguettes: Serve warm bread loaves baked with savory fall flavors such as garlic and rosemary to help soak up the effects from your open bar. This idea also doubles as a picture perfect moment. 

Relish the moment pickle jars: Pickle your guests pink with jars full of fermented cucumbers that you can make right at home. This simple recipe is a totally do-able DIY.

Burning love hot sauce: Spice up a cool fall night with sizzling pepper sauce, served in a take-home jar. You can serve a range of spice levels or stick to a milder flavor so all your guests can enjoy. 

Olive ya olive oil: Infused with love, these olive oil wedding favors are the perfect way to tell your guests olive ya. Note that extra virgin olive oil gets you the best quality. 

Our love is poppin popcorn: Thank your friends and family for popping by with buckets of gourmet popcorn. You can customize this send-off treat with gourmet flavors such as creamy caramel corn - yum! 

Download our love is poppin popcorn and baked with love baguette stickers here, and check out more inspiration below! 

Edible Fall Wedding Favors

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