Thursday 26 September 2019

Renovations Can Be Fun And Frugal

When you buy a home you want it to be your very own in every way. Some of the time renovations can be a must and not a fun project that just makes you happier in your new home. But if you are looking to make some changes that are fun and can cost next to nothing take a look at these interesting ideas that can be found at the dollar store, thrift stores, or garage sales.

Pallet furniture is a great way to get creative.
Pallets can be found at most big box stores for free and can be converted into a number of different projects that will boost your homes look and feel. Pallets can be made into large couches to entertain all your friends and family. You can create all kinds of different patio furniture, garden boxes, tables, beds, vanities, desks and so much more. Linens can be purchased at second-hand stores or even dollar stores to save you some extra cash.

Your roof can have accessories added to an extent.
Have you ever driven past a beautiful farmhouse and seen those stunning metal weather vanes on top? Those adorable weather vanes are practical, adorable and can be made out of cheap materials if you are not looking to buy a brand new one. You can use recycled materials, dollar store goodies, or even scrap metal that will require a welder and some saws. No matter how you decide to create your weather vane just have fun with it. There are all kinds of different wood siding pieces you can use to frame your roof and create a vintage home look that will make your neighbours jealous. A new chimney is a great way to add a touch of creativity, you can add multicoloured bricks to add a splash of colour. The Chimney Scientist is always available for tips on maintenance of your new chimney.

Cement pieces can create any look you desire.
Cement can create nearly anything you can think of, you can make fountains, leaves, benches, stepping stones, and so much more. Cement can be painted all kinds of colours, even spray-painted in chrome, gold and even glow in the dark. Pouring cement is quite simple and you can find hundreds of ideas on Pinterest to fuel your creativity. Molds can be purchased from a number of different websites or you can even create your own using silicone, wood frames, and other mediums.

Window treatments can add style and save you money.
Curtains can create a stylish look that can change the entire feel of a room. If you go with long, dark coloured curtains the ambience changes to a more private and serene environment. Darker curtains block out more light creating less heat or cold coming through the windows saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Light coloured curtains can open up a room creating a more relaxed and inviting environment for your guests. Depending on your own personal style you can choose how you want your home to speak to people when they enter a room. Buying previously loved curtains from a secondhand store can save you some coin for your next renovation or revamping project.

Renovations that cost more.
Any renovation that requires large power tools, sledgehammers, or contractors are going to cost you a lot more but will bring your homes value up substantially. If you're looking into getting new pipes or electrical installed it will be worth the markup but it pays to speak to the professionals first. Click here to find out more information.

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