Thursday 26 September 2019

Time To Get Your Home Ready For Fall To Save You Money

Fall has crept up and stolen summer right from under our noses. It is now time for fuzzy sweaters, warm socks, pumpkin spice, and trees changing to colours that blow your mind. Fall is a great time of year for sure but there are a number of different things you should start getting ready before fall transitions into a brutal winter.

Check the insulation in your walls and look for cracks that can be filled. 
Insulation in between your walls can make a world of difference. I rent a home that has terrible insulation and my cupboards actually freeze in the winter on the inside and my food freezes and thaws creating moisture that causes major issues with my food. The quest for homeownership leaves me staying put for now as we are getting a great price for the space we have. But if our home had the proper insulation in the walls and the crawl space our winters wouldn't be so harsh. You can even insulate your pipes to ensure they don't freeze costing you thousands in damages. Pipes freezing is a serious issue many homeowners face and it can destroy many things and cost a small fortune. Check out for some more information.

Apply weather stripping around windows and doors.
Having the door open for any amount of time in the cooler weather can be uncomfortable so imagine if the seal on your doors or windows is gone and you are stuck with a continuous breeze of cold air. This can be costly in the long run as you are turning up your heat to balance out the breeze shifting through the house. There are a lot of DIY kits you can buy from your local hardware stores to seal your windows and doors yourself. Having improperly sealed windows and doors can lead to build-up of moisture which can create mold and terrible odours. Visit to find out how to handle these nasty odours.

Install a smart thermostat and timer for electronics. 
Smart thermostats like the NEST can adjust the temperature of your home accordingly to keep optimal comfort levels. You can control them wirelessly from your phone to ensure you keep the temperature cool when nobody is home or warmer when you are about to arrive. Imagine coming home from tobogganing with the kids and your home is at the perfect temperature to take the freeze-out of your faces. Another great money saver for any time of the year, not just fall is a timer for your electronic devices and appliances you don't need on when you are not home. Your digital cable boxes suck up all kinds of energy when they are being used but if you turn them off when your not home and turn them on just before you get home they have time to reset and be ready for cozy TV time. The same can be said for TVs, computers, lights, decor and more. Timing the shutoff and turn on can save you money and time while your away.

If your saving for that amazing exotic vacation from these great fall tips will help you keep the coin in your pocket and not in the hands of the utility companies.

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