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How Can Your Skin Benefit From Leftover Halloween Pumpkins?

From pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween decorations, when fall hits, it is pumpkin season-mania. With approximately 65,900 acres of pumpkins harvested in the United States last year alone, and most pumpkin patches closing up after Halloween, what are you to do with all the leftover pumpkins you used as decorations for your spooky festivities?    Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a Boston-area board-certified dermatopathologist , explains that instead of throwing out the pumpkins you used this October 31st for decorative functions, you can reuse them for various beauty and health purposes. “Pumpkin is a great way to incorporate more vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids that help reduce markers of aging while also moisturizing the skin,” says Dr. Freiling, who is a Harvard-trained physician with a 10+ year background in the Dermatology and Pathology fields. So how can you incorporate your leftover pumpkin into your daily regimen?  Dr. Frieling suggests “mashing it up

Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Condition: 4 Types of Preventative Measures to Consider Every Year

Your vehicle is essential to your daily life. You use it to pick up groceries, take loved ones to the doctors, and drive to work. When your vehicle breaks  down, it can halt your life. You become stranded; or, at best, have to shell out money for Uber or inconvenience a friend to help you. But what if you were able to follow a few simple steps that could prevent you from being stranded down the road? I’m spea king of preventative maintenance that you can do every year, simple measures that you can take to keep your vehicle running smoothly. All these preventative measures can be handled by the experts at Telle Tire and Auto  Center . Just  check out   and see how their services can help keep yo u on the road and prevent future auto troubles.   Tire Rotation and Alignment Have you ever been driving and your car seems to want to pull you to the right or the left ? There’s a simple explanation: •  Over time, varying road conditions wear tires down unevenly. •  Because the ti

The Reports Are In: The Couples Who Snuggle Often Tend to Have a More Fulfilling and Healthier Relationship

  There are actually quite a few health benefits attached to hugging and squeezing someone you care about, especially if you do it on a regular basis.   Hugging is a physical interaction that seems to sometimes say a whole lot more than words can and if you like the idea of snuggling up to your partner the good news is that you will most likely be doing your emotional and physical wellbeing a power of good.   We are hardwired to enjoy a hug   Your sensitivity to touch is something that you actually develop in the womb and it is no coincidence that babies love being held and cuddled as it the first sense that we develop.   Psychologists appreciate the importance of this natural leaning towards physical contact in this way and if you are a couple who love to snuggle up to each other you are only doing what comes naturally to you and you will be reaping the reward that cuddling delivers in terms of your emotional wellbeing.   If you want to get together for a snuggle and just chat about h

Turn Your Photos Into Paint By Numbers!

Bring your favorite photo to life with a custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one or a pet. Whatever you prefer, it is an amazing way to preserve your memories. A personalized painting by numbers will also make an amazing gift for someone you love.  Each set contains everything you need to get started: A high-quality linen canvas, A color set (ranging from 24 to 36 colors); no need to mix the colors, Three paintbrushes, and a complete instruction folder. I absolutely loved watching the colours start to blend together and create the photo I had sent in. I highly suggest choosing a simple photo rather than one with as much detail as I chose. It took me hours to complete and would have looked even better if I chose a simple shot.  I would definitely choose to do more of these fantastic paint by numbers they are tons of fun and would make amazing gifts for any art lover!  Winnie’s Picks  has a vast selection of paint by numbers products to suit anyone!

Pouch Couch Inflatable Loungers And Hammocks The Ultimate Gift For Anyone

The  Pouch Couch  inflatable lounger is one of the most comfortable and portable seats we have ever used. They are super easy to inflate, although you may look a bit silly catching the air. They can be used indoors and out making them fun everywhere you go.  We used our loungers for chilling in the backyard, playing video games, and watching movies. They are quickly deflated and can be placed in their carrying pouches for easy travel. You can take them pretty much anywhere you wanna go, camping, the beach, a picnic, or lounging around in the house. My oldest boy uses his as a gaming lounger.  You can get Pouch Couch’s in a variety of colours to suit anyone.   Perfect gift, and great for camping, beach, backyards, living rooms. Pouch Couch is a CANADIAN brand, sold by a CANADIAN company. PORTABLE: Easy roll up design fits in small pouch (included) makes it easy to take anywhere you need to relax EASY: No pumps, blowing, or any mechanical devices required, Please ROLL END 4-5 times to r’s Sporti Line - The Highest Quality In Swimwear ’s Sporti line is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!  During its 10 years, Sporti has sold millions of swim suits and styles, becoming a top value swim brand for the full range of swimmers from competitive swimmers looking for training suits to fitness swimmers, from beach fashion mavens to swim moms & dads. Swimwear makes a great gift all year round! The decision to encourage activities like swimming is a fantastic choice and provides not only a fun filled activity but a healthy lifestyle! Swimming at the local indoor pool can be done all year even during the coldest months. The holidays are approaching and the last thing on gift givers minds in many places is swimwear. Choose to think outside the box this year and select some awesome swimwear for your friends and family members! My family absolutely loves the Sporti line and said it fits great, it’s lightweight, and looks incredible! carries all kinds of swimming accessories from towels to

How To Combat Daylight Savings Time Like A Champ

DON’T LOSE YOUR MOJO WHEN THE CLOCKS FALL BACK  NOVEMBER 3rd Neuropsychologist Offers Practical Tips to Prepare for  Daylight Savings Time That post-summer sluggishness usually kicks in every October as we head into fall. The temperatures drop and the one thing that makes winter’s rapid approach evident regardless of climate is the loss of daylight. For many, this loss of daylight also leads to a loss of energy, an uptick in short temper and even bouts of depression. So how can we ease into the rapidly approaching winter months?  Dr. Sanam Hafeez, an NYC based licenses clinical psychologist and faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teachers College, offers practical tips to prepare for the clock change.   Before we get into the tips, it’s important to understand the clock change’s impact on our brains and therefore our bodies, so we understand what is actually going on. Dr. Sanam Hafeez explains that “a cell in the retinas of our eyes called a ganglion cell contains the

How To Help Your Child Settle In After Moving

Every move is chaotic, and it’s easy to get lost in all the preparations before the big day. Parents get lost in all the detailed planning so much that the children’s feelings at these stressful times are often neglected. It’s easy to forget how much children thrive on routine and familiarity, especially in times of uncertainty. In fact, this is exactly when they need reassurance the most. By easing your children through the relocation process and familiarizing them with the topic, they’ll smoothly settle in after moving. Read on to learn how to make your child trust in the magic of new beginnings! Prepare them beforehand The  key to a successful, anxiety-free move with children is being mindful of their feelings. While you might be brimming with joy because of that long-awaited job in a new state, your child is probably far from enthusiastic. And who can blame him – he is leaving everything he’s ever known. This loss of a sense of belonging can be kept under control when a parent is t