Sunday 13 October 2019

De-bloat this Thanksgiving with Ultra-Fiber Chewables

With Turkey Day on the horizon, all we can do is salivate on the thought of all the delicious food we’re about to chow down on. But along with overindulging on Thanksgiving dinner comes the dreaded belly bloat that we all seem to overlook every year.

Helping you to stay on track and help rid the Thanksgiving bloat are the Ultra-Fiber Chewables! These tasty orange flavoured high-fibre supplements are the perfect solution to help treat overall sluggishness all while supporting and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Keep your gut happy and enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities with no regrets this October! Also available in a Caplet format in 150ct bottle. Sold at Grocery and Drug Stores Nationally.

Keeping healthy during these holidays can be a challenge but with proper diet and nutrition, we can all stay healthy and feel great. Remember Thanksgiving is simply a warm-up for the joyous festivities to come when the winter months hit us. Maintain a healthy amount of fibre and plant-based nutrition to keep on top of your well being and you will feel great straight into the new year!

For some tips on keeping everyone healthy, this holiday read this great article on food safety tips for thanksgiving dinner!

Check out these awesome free printables to add some flare to your fall festivities!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a bountiful fall!

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