Friday 18 October 2019

End of Life Conversation Starters for Newlyweds

As newlyweds, you’ve already tackled the task of planning the wedding — now it’s time to plan the rest of your life. Whether that means planning for having a family, moving across the country, or creating and checking off a bucket list, this is the perfect time to! Planning everything from the good to the sometimes bad will control any situation that’s put in front of you and your partner’s path. 

Asking the hard questions about finances and the end of life can be rather difficult, but it can help you grow a stronger connection. Not only does this uncover what you and your partner are grateful for, it also uncovers both your wants and needs if things were to even turn south. 

With that being said, Bestow created printables to make this conversation a fun and bonding activity with printables. These printables cover all the important topics to make sure your family and belongings are taken care of. As this conversation isn’t like planning an exciting vacation, we included a gratitude printable to point out what you and your partner are grateful for. 

Plan for the Good and the Bad

Whether you are wanting to stay in and snuggle up in blankets or go out to a nice dinner to have these conversations, this can help show your love and appreciation for each other. Check-in with each other periodically and review your plans as changes may be made throughout the process. 

3 Vital Topics to Go Over With Your Spouse

  1. Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a written authorization for someone to act on behalf of all your life matters. Should the unthinkable happen, a trusted person will be able to take care of your belongings. Work with a legal attorney to ensure you and your partner have these documents at bay. 

  1. Healthcare Directives

Healthcare directives cover how you’d like to be cared for if you’re unable to make the decision yourself. You will want to select someone as a preferred healthcare proxy to make choices when you can’t yourself.

  1. Last Will and Testament

A will delegates all wishes about your estate. A will also give specific instructions such as naming a caretakers for pets or an explanation of how your home should be maintained. 

Living Happily Ever After

Getting through tough conversations with your partner has the ability to better your communication. Wrapping up this not so fun topic, we included some printables for the tail-end of your discussion on how to show each other your love is special. Fill in the blanks to create your own unique recipe for a happy and healthy marriage. 

A Recipe for Marriage Printable

Partner Gratitude

Remember, even when life gives you the unexpected, you’re in this together - problem solve, communicate, and lift each other up. 

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