Thursday 17 October 2019

How to improve your sales lead and conversions with the help of digital coupons?

Coupon marketing isn’t a new concept. It has been there since 1887 when Coca-Cola launched its first coupon. With the digitalization of the market, coupon marketing has also evolved. Digital coupons are taking the market by storm. There are countless benefits of using digital coupons for retailers and marketers.

According to a recent series of surveys, it was confirmed by the Consumer research firm that 91% of the customers who redeem coupons tend to visit the brand’s website again. More than 62% of the customers who trade in these coupons share localized deals with their friends. More than 63% of customers agreed that digital coupons improve their shopping experience. If you want to increase your sales lead and conversions, then you should add coupon marketing to your digital marketing strategy. If you want to avail of the benefits of using digital coupons, then this article is for you.

Benefits of using digital coupons for brands:

Within the last few years, digital coupons have become an effective tool to market your brand and to improve your sales. It works for almost all types of businesses. There are several benefits you can enjoy when you offer your customers digital coupons to improve their shopping experience. Following are the ways digital coupon marketing boosts your business:

·        Generate additional traffic

According to studies, you will witness a vast improvement in the traffic of your website when you offer 20% off on any item. Majority of the people prefer purchasing things when they are available at discounted prices. Digital coupons offer you an innovative way to launch discount deals and attract more customers towards your company. Offering coupons benefit both small and large organizations. That’s why even established businesses like GoDaddy offers special discounts through GoDaddy SSL promo codes. The benefits of using digital coupons are literally endless.

·        Get access to customers’ record

The majority of the companies offer discount coupons to the customers when they subscribe to their newsletter. It is a great way to get access to the contact information of your customers. You must be wondering how does this help. When your customers sign up for your newsletter, they get regular updates about your business. This way you can get a better opportunity to stay in touch with your clients and inform them whenever a new product is launched or there is a sale going on.
By building a database of the customers who are interested in your products and services, you can identify your serious regular customers. You can earn customer loyalty by providing these customers with digital coupons.

·        Get new customers

Other great benefits of using digital coupons to market your business are access to new customers. It is one of the best ways to attract new customers. You can create an attractive copy to launch your discount coupon. Post it on your social networks and get new customers who wouldn’t buy your product at its full price. This is an effective way to boost your sales. You can create sponsored ads to spread the word to the customers who aren’t even following you. You can easily find the Stats on how digital coupon redemption offers you the perfect opportunity to turn your first-time customers in regular visitors.

·        Retains old customers:

Offering digital coupons to your customers doesn’t just provide you a great opportunity to attract more customers. It also helps you to retain your old customers. Everyone wants to purchase their desired products at almost half of its original price. In this high competing market, it’s very hard to retain your customers. You need to offer your customers a little more than your competitors especially when they are selling the same quality products. To retain your old customers you need to sell your products at a much lower price or offer those perks such as digital coupons.

·        Let you offload older products:

To add new items to your racks, you need to purge your inventory. One of the benefits of using digital coupons is that you can easily offload the older products occupying your racks. Moreover, you need to sell the items which are about to expire before their expiry dates. The best way to sell such products and to prevent loss is to reduce their pricing with the help of a digital coupon. This way, budget-stricken customers will buy such a product. However, it’s very important for you to make sure that the safety of the consumers is not compromised while you partner these items with coupons to hasten your sales. 

Digital coupons provide you a great opportunity to boost your sales. all you need is to add these coupons to your marketing strategy and watch your business grow.

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