Wednesday 23 October 2019

Thinking About Getting A Dog? What Do You Need Know To Keep Your New Pet Healthy?

Dogs are mans best friend for a reason, they love you unconditionally, are tons of fun, and create a newfound bond that we crave as humans. Puppies are a lot of work especially in the beginning and have certain requirements that need to be met for them to lead a great quality of life. Think of your new puppy as a child, they need to be potty trained, sleep trained, behavioural guidance is a huge step to create a calm and mindful dog. 

Veterinary Care

Once your puppy has reached a more mature level it is always a good idea to maintain proper vet care and checkups. Much like us, dogs can come across all kinds of medical conditions that if caught early can be treated and your dog can live a happy life. Regular vet checks should be an annual tradition to ensure your new fur baby is at its healthiest. Even bad breath should be treated with vigilance. You should have records stating when your puppy had there first set of shots if buying from a reputable breeder and if not this is the best time to get on it. Diseases dogs get can create lasting issues later in their life and can be passed onto other dogs. 

Making Friends

Socialization is a very important step for your dog and it is best to start young so they can learn proper behaviour around their new furry friends. There are many different ways you can socialize your dog and every pet owner has its preference. You can choose to bring your puppy to a dog park with other dogs his size so he can run and play. You can choose to enrol them in doggy daycare with other puppies his age as well as more mature pups, this centres take care of your little furball while you are at work or out of town and ensure they are still getting the love and attention they deserve. Having puppy playdates is another great way to provide socialization, all you need to do is ask your friends with safe, healthy dogs to come over and play. 


Your puppies diet can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. There are a lot of people who choose to go with raw meat diets and others who choose to feed dry and wet food from the store. Both provide adequate nutrition and each has a very different price point. Treats are always a welcomed addition to any pet but try to choose ones that are not full of fillers and preservatives. Puppy treats can be used to reward good behaviour, aid in training, and establish a loving relationship between pup and owner. Visit to find some healthy and tasty options for your new family member. 


As with any other animal, there are certain physical needs that need to be met. Most puppies are extremely active and hyper and require walking and playtime to help them grow and establish a bond. As your dog gets older depending on the breed this hyper behaviour should slow down but they will still require daily walks or runs out in a yard. Exercise plays a huge role in the health of your dog and keeping your dog in good shape will help keep you in good shape, now you have a reason to get up and out of the house every night. 

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