Thursday 24 October 2019

DIY Light Up Baby Shark Costume

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume idea that’s creative and inexpensive?

How about something that glows in the dark to keep your kids safe while trick or treating?

iLuminate, the world’s first light dance and technology company, has got you covered!

Many fans know iLuminate from their captivating performances on the hit television show “America’s Got Talent”. They may have also attended their Broadway performance, caught them at an amusement park, or seen their show on the high seas during one of their cruise ship performances. 

This family-friendly performing arts group (and forward-thinking family friendly company) has come up with a clever way to create a DIY light up costume for Baby Shark fans of all ages. This quick and easy costume can be created with ordinary household items (and a few specialty items found on Amazon) for less than $100.

Check out this short video to see more and/or download the complete DIY video guide here:

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