Friday 25 October 2019

7 Simple Ways In Which Textured Render Finish Will Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home Décor!

Almost everybody dreams of getting a beautiful home for them and to depict their personality appropriately in its theme and style to portray it to the entire world. And to achieve this, you must have an excellent décor which will be a sign of the immaculate taste that you have. House walls are one of the important elements which help you do that and set the theme of the house and the ambiance accordingly. 


One of the most renowned choices in the recent period related to this is the textured render finish which improves the elegance of your walls. The finish uses cement and if done the right way, it gives an unbelievable allure to your house. So, following are how textured render finish can make a difference in your home décor.



1. Adds beauty 


textured render finish highly improves the beauty and appeal of your house and it looks far better than sticking up wallpapers. An old building can be brought back to life by resorting to the method of textured finishing. It helps to pump in life into old buildings by covering cracks and leaks. 


2. Easy application


Textured render finish gives a mesmerizing look to your home and still, you won’t need any special skills or rocket science knowledge for implementing the coating and finish paint. There would hardly be any complexities in the entire process of its application at all. 


3. Great makeover


After all the years of wear and tear, your house interior requires a makeover as all those flawed walls will need some quick cover-up as some of the parts are pretty difficult to hide. Textured render finish will come in handy when such a situation arises as all the imperfections will be seamlessly covered. 


4. Low maintenance cost


If you have chosen a textured render finish for all the walls of your house, you should be least worried about the maintenance of your property. These walls are more durable than the simple ones; they don’t need much supervision and renovation from time to time. Thus, you save a lot of money and time on maintenance and repair.


5. Durability


Textured finish effect not only beautifies but also enhances the durability of your walls and makes it better at resisting climatic perils and pests. It also protects your home from harmful UV rays from the sunlight. You can use it for painting the interiors of the house and it protects the walls of your house from fungal growth and prevents chunks of color from being peeled off from the walls. 


6. Cuts on energy consumption


It may create a big question in your mind as to how textured render finishwalls can reduce your energy consumption and thus control energy bills. The answer is that you have applied this finish on your walls and they have insulating properties, which can maintain the interior temperature warm during winters and cold during summers. 


7. Avoids damp penetration


When the outer layer of bricks in a wall remains exposed to the outside for a long time, it can dampen the walls. This attracts a lot of other associated issues, especially during the monsoon season when the walls are exposed to continuous weather hazards. The process of textured finish enables the walls to eliminate or reduce the demerits of a damp wall.


Therefore, these are the advantages of installing a textured render finish which will help you greatly to improve your home décor, even when you are on a tight budget. So get it done at the earliest and enjoy living in your beautiful house even if you are planning to sell the property. 

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