Tuesday 12 November 2019

8 Personality Types: What Ring Matches Yours?


We all have a unique personality to a certain extent although you will share some classic traits with other like-minded individuals and that means there will be a special item of jewelry that tells others what type of person you are.


You can browse a wide range of rings to see which ones you are attracted to by visiting adinasjewels.com, for instance, and if there is one that your eye is drawn to it could be a style and type that mirrors your personality traits.


Here is a look at some personality types and the rings that best match each one.


A dedicated follower of fashion


If you are someone who has a reputation for being well-dressed and renowned for having your finger well and truly on the pulse of the latest fashion trends it stands to reason that you will want to choose a ring that identifies you as a fashionista.


If this is your personality it might be that you think about picking out some loose diamonds before arranging to get them set so that you have a ring that is as unique as you are.


You are all about glamor


If you are a person who enjoys every available opportunity to dazzle your friends with some glamorous outfits and accessories you have plenty of options to impress everyone with a ring that is so you.


You will probably be best suited to choosing a ring setting that manages to hold the diamond higher up your finger and this has the impact of making the center diamond really stand out, just like you do.


Another feature that matches a glamorous personality is a ring that includes some pavĂ©-set diamonds arranged around the band of the ring, which should deliver some extra sparkle and grab people’s attention.


At one with nature


If you are someone who is more in tune with nature rather than being a fashionista you will be spending a lot of your time outdoors, where you are probably at your happiest.


The type of ring that you will be most suited to if you are a nature-lover is one that is more about organic elements rather than all sparkly diamonds.


You will most likely be drawn to a ring design that features flowers, leaves, and vines, which are all things that remind you of your love of nature. On a practical note, you might want to consider a ring setting that holds any diamond lower to your hand as this will ensure that you don’t catch it too easily while you are out exploring all that nature has to offer.


A thin metal band is a good choice for a practical nature-loving personality.


Timeless elegance


If you see yourself as a traditionalist who likes things that have stood the test of time there is a good chance that your eye will be drawn to a classic solitaire design when you are browsing a ring selection.


This sort of ring is the very epitome of tradition and timeless elegance and the simplistic nature of a solitaire diamond ring that features one stunning center diamond marks you out as someone with traditional values.


Loving the city life


If you love the bright lights of the city and all that urban living has to offer you are likely to have some personality traits that draw you toward jewelry that is ultra-modern and sleek, just like the skyscrapers that you spend your time surrounded by.


If you can easily picture yourself sipping a cocktail in a swanky high-rise bar a sculptured ring that is designed around modernist influences will most likely appeal to you.


Contemporary and edgy


If you identify as someone with a very modern outlook on life but also have a distinctive edginess to your personality there is a ring design out there that conforms to that contemporary vibe.


You might to take a look around for a square-shaped stone that is as unique and edgy as you are.


Your attire will tell people what sort of person you are and your ring choice will definitely confirm that impression if you pick out something distinctly contemporary.


Vintage works for you


The great thing about loving the vintage vibe is that it gives you license to mix it up with a bit of modern and traditional.


If you are someone who loves to add some vintage accessories to your outfits that marks you out as someone who knows what they like.


A good stone to consider if this is your ring type would be something like an Asscher, which is a cut that is not dissimilar in appearance to an emerald. This type of cut has clear vintage roots and its characteristics are an easy-to-spot octagonal shape that delivers plenty of sparkle.


Out with the old and in with the new


If you are the type of person who embraces certain traditional attitudes and items but also loves to mix it up with elements that are definitely non-traditional there is a stone and cut that is most suited to this type of personality.


Look out for what is described as a cushion or antique cut, which means you will be attracted to a ring that offers a shape somewhere between an oval shape and something a square.


This type of ring offers the wearer plenty of sparkle and glamor to enjoy every time they glance down at their hand and if this a design that definitely appeals to you it is likely that you are someone who is a confirmed romantic at heart.


Choosing a ring is not something you do lightly as it an item of jewelry that allows you to make a definite statement about you and it helps affirm what sort of personality you are when people see what you are wearing.


You can either choose a ring that tends to be most suited to your personality type or you could let the ring do the talking and let it pick you out when you are browsing through a collection of fine jewelry.


Whichever way, you will probably end up with a ring that is perfect for you and your personality.


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