Tuesday 19 November 2019

Factors to Consider During Your Bathroom Renovations

Whether you are having the simple bathing room or a master end suite, functionality of the place should be correct and flawless in case ofBathroom Renovations. Below you will come across with some helpful tips and tricks to gain storages, improvise the drainage and lighting and more to ensure that your renovation project of bathroom stands the test of time always. 



The first thing to consider during your Bathroom Renovations is the plumbing which usually uses one and half inches of pipes for drains. But using it for drainage system of the bathroom is not recommended as it may easily get clogged due to gunk and hair that goes through the drain. So, ensure to keep the pipes larger for the drain. The cost may increase with the size of pipes used for drains in bathroom, but the benefits attached always outweigh the higher cost of the drainage pipes. 

If you live in area where temperature drops to freezing point in winter, then ensure to install pipes which never get clogged or get routed via exterior walls.



The second important factor to consider is the lighting. You need to consider installation of the reassessed light fixtures across the ceilings of the bathroom which can brighten up the area. Moreover, including 1-2 fixtures in the shower area is also important and you must install dimmer switches so that you can easily adjust the light as per your mood during showers. 

You also need to determine the way you will be using the mirror in your bathing area, whether you desire to have aesthetically appealing look or functional lighting. If the mirror is used for shaving or make-up, ensure to install bright light fixtures which can go long way helping you to see your close ups. 


Wall Hung Toilets

Another important area to consider is the wall hung toilet which is in trend these days. This fixture has really grown in popularity in Bathroom Renovations projects and for many good reasons. They are not very expensive and hence it won’t break your bank. It will save lots of space in the bathing area because the tank will be concealed under the walls. However, there is a specialized consideration with such fixture in bathroom. 

Because of its unique drainage system, you may face difficulties in future, especially when you change your mind and go for floor mounted system you have to rework the supply again and this may add up to the cost.


Windows In Shower 

This could be the great addition to any bathroom, especially if properly done. You can choose frosted glass panel for complete privacy. Ensure to choose the frosted glass that opens for fresh air. You also need to install stone jambs along with its installation so that the complete area is watertight, and the sills must be sloped properly down and away for better drainage of the wastewater

It is always suggested that you install a tilt and turn window in shower as it has the screen situated on outside the window and to prevent rust install handles made out of plastic.           


Shower Or Tub

The last on the list of Bathroom Renovations is the shower area. Yu need to consider whether you need a bathtub or a shower area separately in your bathroom. This option completely depends on your preference and you need to make the selection carefully. Some people prefer having shower area in their bathroom, while some enjoy spending hours in bathtub filled with warm water and different essential oils and aroma.

So, based on your preferences you have to make the selection. If renovating your bathroom is something which is not your cup of tea, then ensure to entrust the job to specialists for professional Bathroom Renovations.


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