Sunday 17 November 2019

Which professions are having the most sex - survey by LELO

The holidays are coming so who will be kissing under the mistletoe and unwrapping naughty pleasures this season? 
  • Farmers top the list of professions having the most sex in comparison to doctors, architects and hairdressers
  • 40% of journalists claim that they would like to have more sex
  • Almost one-third of lawyers admit that they fake an orgasm every time they have sex
Luxury sex toy company LELO has conducted new research to find out which professions across the UK are having the most sex. The results? Over 33% of farmers get jiggy at least once a day, closely followed by 21% of architects and 17% of hairdressers. And it seems that all the practice in the bedroom is paying off as farmers ranked their performance higher than any other profession, with 67% claiming to be ‘incredible' in comparison to 63% of doctors, 43% architects, and 40% of journalists.

However, despite not having the most sex out of the professions surveyed, quality over quantity was more important for the likes of doctors where 31% claim to enjoy a passionate embrace for over 45 minutes every other day, with 36% of architects and 25% of people in advertising also putting in over 45 minutes per romp.

Unfortunately for those working in journalism, one fifth (20%) claim that they only ever have sex once a month, which is perhaps not unsurprising when 60% rate their partner's performance in bed only “average”. Journalists also claim that they would like to up the ante in the bedroom with 40% wanting to have sex at least once a week and for up to 30 minutes each time.

What's more, lawyers are the hardest to please in the bedroom with 27% of those surveyed admitting to faking an orgasm every time they have sex, and 31% claiming to be able to identify when their partner is faking theirs. 31% also admitted that they are more likely to fake an orgasm on a one night stand. In comparison, 69% of labourers and 67% of farmers claim they never fake an orgasm.
Sexpert at Lelo UK Kate Moyle commented: “Even within groups such as professions where there is a lot of similarities, we have to consider that there is a huge amount of individual differences impacting people's sexuality and sex lives. However, what we may expect are some trends, for example, the level of physical activity in a career such as a farmer, rather than someone in an office setting may impact levels of fitness and energy. The lifestyle factors of our jobs such as flexibility of working hours and the environment are also likely to have an impact on all our lives not just our sex lives.

She continues: “We also know that people report having great sex when they are able to switch off and focus on what they are doing rather than being preoccupied and distracted so jobs that we can close the door on at the end of the day or ‘leave at work' may have less interference with our sex lives than one where we feel we are constantly one ear out for the phone, or where there are less boundaries between work and home.”

Interestingly, three-quarters of those who work as a judge (75%) or labourer (74%) are the least likely to speak to their partner about being unsatisfied in the bedroom in comparison to 81% of doctors who would be most likely to speak to their partner about issues with their sex life.

To help ensure both partners enjoy sex in the bedroom, Sexpert Kate adds: “Honesty when it comes to talking about sex with your partner, is an essential ingredient to a healthy relationship. If you are feeling unsatisfied with your sex life, whether you're not having enough or not enjoying it in a way that you want to, introducing something new can be a great way to bring the excitement back to your relationship. Adding a couples sex toy such as a cock ring (Lelo Tor) or trying a new lube are fun and easy additions to your sex life that both partners can enjoy. ”

Professions that have the most sex ranked in order:
  • Farmers
  • Architect
  • Hairdresser
  • Advertising
  • Lawyer & teachers

Professions that rate themselves as ‘incredible' in the bedroom (ranked in order)
  • Farmer
  • Doctor
  • Architect
  • Labourer
  • Advertising

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