Wednesday 6 November 2019

How To Grow Organically On Pinterest The Right Way

I have been blogging for 7 years now and I have learned so much it’s crazy! I absolutely love to write and share with people how they can improve their lives and live happier! As I have grown I have learned many ways of using social media to grow leaps and bounds and reach a broader audience. You do not need to be a part of Tailwind to grow consistently and I have proven this myself. 

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for growth and gaining new followers daily. The best way to grow organically on Pinterest is not nearly as much work as you think and anyone can do it if they follow these simple steps:

Maintain categories that suit your niche and interests. People can tell when you are truly passionate about something and when you are just adding it to follow trends. Passion leads to great content which brings in a vast audience and more followers.

Post new pins daily from your site even if it is just a couple. Keeping up with your account and creating new content is crucial in keeping up with the flow of Pinterest users. Pinning happens constantly throughout the day so fresh pins keep you exciting and interesting.

Pin from others daily as well to establish growth in other places. Getting your name across Pinterest to millions of users requires pinning from others as well as your own site. 

Follow new accounts once in a while but not constantly. Only follow those you truly care about and do not try to follow and unfollow to gain more followers for yourself. This doesn’t help you grow and is an improper use of Pinterest. 

You do not need to spend all day on Pinterest to grow and keep growing, I work full time all day and complete my writing and pinning in the evening and can still maintain steady growth. Don’t ever think you don’t have time to grow and learn, if you have goals in mind push yourself to get it done. You only live once and dreams are only acquired through hard work and dedication!

Follow these simple steps to grow your account gradually over the next year. It takes time to grow the right way but this is the best possible growth formula I have used and makes you an important part of the Pinterest community! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to learn more and become a better blogger, writer, entrepreneur and more! Don’t forget to sign up for Tailwind to grow ultra fast with all the other users of Pinterest! 

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