Saturday 28 December 2019

Christmas Is Over Time To Plan For Next Christmas

I pride myself in saving hundreds of dollars every year on Christmas gifts and decor by shopping the after Christmas sales and getting it all put away until next December. Boxing Day is overrated unless you needed a new TV other than that check the sales for the next couple weeks after Christmas and you will save a fortune. So what should you look for?

Bath Sets and Perfumes
These end up going on sale 50-75% off after Christmas so stock up for those on your list and you won’t have to shop at all in December and pay full price. 

Storage Bins
Putting all your holiday gear away is something we all need to do after Christmas. Many stores put all their storage bins on sale so grab some extras while they are cheap and keep them for all the upcoming holidays, moving, parties, storage and more. They work great for stashing all the after Christmas gifts you just bought.

Christmas Decorations
All the festive decor from ornaments to Christmas trees and those great big outdoor blow ups we all love will be on sale by now so if you prefer to buy them brand new this is the time to do so. You can do this every year and end up having a huge collection of outdoor Christmas decor that will blow your neighbours away. 

Let’s not forget all the holidays coming up over the next year. You can use this candy for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and more! Chocolates can be frozen but they can change their appearance slightly which may discourage you from keeping them until next year. 

Gingerbread Houses
Let’s face it nobody ever eats those nasty gingerbread houses after they say out for a month. The fun part is building it with family so buy a few and save them for next year and you will save yourself from buying them at full price. 

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