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How to Choose the Best Swimwear That Suits Your Personality

Are you preparing for summers? Browsing the perfect beach vacation with your loved one or hitting the beach with your friends this summer? How can you forget to pick the best swimwear that suits your personality? The right kind of swimwear will give you a sexy look without making you uncomfortable. If you have been working out on your abs or a bit too generous on those extra calories, there are numerous styles, designs and fabric options to enhance the desirable and hide the not-so-desirable features. Don't let that extra fat hold you back from having this summer because we are here to save your day with our tips on how to choose the best swimwear that suits your personality.When you spend a great deal of time and money on your wardrobe, how can you neglect your swimwear? Swimwear should define who you are without you having to say it yourself.
Let us give you some non-conventional guidance on how to pick a swimsuit that suits your personality the best. You do not have to follow the old rules that make your options narrow according to your body type. If you know how to flaunt your look, you are unstoppable! Then we have some great options to help you choose the best swimwear online. Before we move on to the swimsuits that suit your personality, let us tell you a few basic points to consider while buying a swimsuit.

Know your body type

Before you pick a swimsuit, always consider your body type. You will find numerous options on the market designed for specific body types. Choosing a swimwear according to your body type, will make you look stunning while you enjoy your time at the beach.
Small Bust: Girls with small bust should go for extra padding. It will give a feeling of fullness without being too heavy. You can also pick halter neck, one-piece swimsuit. It will create an illusion of an hourglass figure for you. For girls with up and down straight figure, nothing is better than a chic sporty one-piece swimsuit.
Large Bust: Girls who have a large bust should try adding some ruffles at the waist to balance the volume at the waist and bust. It will create an illusion of even figure and make you look sexy. Halter neckline with a little underwire makes good option to make you look in shape.
Wide Hips: To draw away the attention from your hips, you can get yourself a V-neck line plunge or wear a dark-coloured bottom with a light-coloured top. Also, you can get a bottom with a lower-rise cut to make your booty looks small. We do not recommend getting something too elastic because it sinks into the skin and giving an appearance of bigger booty (Don't buy unless you want to flaunt it.

Quality Matters

Our motto; Buy less, buy the best. We believe in quality rather than quantity. You must invest in 1 quality piece according to your body type, budget and personality rather than collecting multiple low-quality swimsuits. It is your hard-earned money, so spend wisely. You do not want a cheap pile swimwear lying in your closet and taking up all the space.
Purchasing swimwear Online
Found a nice swimwear online and just at the verge of ordering it? Wait, always remember trying a swimwear before purchasing it is always a good idea. Factors such as the figure of the model, skin tone and lighting can make the product appear to be different. The only trust reputed stores for online shopping.

Comfort before anything: Buy a swimwear in which you are comfortable. Just because you saw someone slaying one cut, doesn't mean it will fit you well. If you try on swimwear and do not feel confident in it, then it's time to try another. If you don't feel confident in your swimwear, no matter how expensive it is, you will not be able to create a style statement and enjoy your time at the beach.

Pick the right colour: Did you love that hot pink bikini you just saw in the magazine and want to buy it right away? Wait up, picking a colour for your swimwear according to your personality can be very tricky. Visit the stores and try different options ranging from pastels to neon, from safe black to brown or neutral tones. Once you have tried different options, you will be in a better position to tell which swimwear suits your skin tone, style and personality the most.
Swimwear according to personality

1) Always at the beach type
If you are an active beach-goer and we will always find you at the beach playing games and then swimming to cool it off, grab a sporty swimwear to keep up with your beach activities. It beautifully defines the shape of your body with just the right amount of skin showing. It's sexy, smart and comfortable all at once.
2) The colourful, bubbly type
If you are a crowd puller with your great sense of humour and brings life to every gathering, opt for a colourful, frilly swimsuit that has a vibrant print. It will say it all about your personality. You will be a centre of attention without overdoing it.
3) Flirty
Flirty; is that word for you? Then why hide it. Go for a bright colour bikini with vibrant bottom, and we guarantee you will stand out from the crowd. You can pick some funky prints or patterns and create a unique look for yourself. Pair it with chic sunglasses and slay the beach look.
4) Girl Next Door
 Are you the girl next door who likes to dress up in a t-shirt and jeans and if it was up to you, you'd wear it to the beach as well. Don't fret we have swimwear sorted out for you. Get a piece that gives you more coverage than bikinis. You can opt for some light colour swimsuit with subtle prints. In this way, you will have a quality beach time without drawing too much attention. You can also use some options to cover it up and create a different beach look for yourself which suits your style.
5) Too Cool to Care
If you don't like spending too much time in getting ready for the beach, then a solid colour one-piece swimsuit is your go-to option. It will give you a chic look without putting in too much effort.
6) Out of the box thinker
If you are known as the creative one in your group, it's time to reflect in your swimsuit. Play with colours, textures, styles and make the right choice for you. A stripy colourful one-piece swimsuit will say it all about your personality.
7) It's all about Graphic images
Do you spend hours looking for t-shirts with graphic images on them? Then, why not look for the same in your swimsuit. You will find many appealing swimsuits with graphic prints on it to match your style.
8) Bold and Beautiful
For those of you who do not like to merge in the crowd, buy a bikini with some floral prints, Crisscross strap at the back and a matching bottom. It will beautifully compliment your figure, reveal your sun-kissed skin and define your bold and beautiful style statement.

Last but not least, do not over accessorize your swimwear. At the end of the day, it's swimwear that fits you well, flexible enough to let you swim and classy enough to make you stand out is the best of all. All you need is a chic pair of sunglasses, a hat, flip flops, and a bag to carry your stuff is enough. You can top the look with light beach waves hairstyle.  Don't get caught in too much stuff to take care of, rather soak your feet in the soft, warm sand and enjoy the sun. It's the swim!


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