Sunday 15 December 2019

DIY Holiday Potpourri

The lights are bright and spirits are soaring. People are in a good mood and cheer is in the air — it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re in the snow or just enjoying the season’s greetings, the holidays are a time to relax and appreciate those around us. 

You can make crafts and decorate the tree together,  but for a fun DIY project this season, make some stovetop potpourri! With parental supervision, this is a fun way to get creative with the kids — and get the house smelling wonderful at the same time. Simmer pots like this are longlasting and permeate through an entire house — making them cozy and cheerful for many hours at a time. These DIY projects can also be a good way to teach kids about stove safety and cooking basics.

All the recipes below curated by FragranceXcan be made with a simple, general recipe. 

First, measure out 5 cups of water. After, pour this water into a pan or crockpot. Remanence can sometimes stick on the pot, so try to have a potpourri-specific one. 

After this has been sorted out,  add your family’s choice of ingredients. I’ve attached an infographic below for holiday recipes that are especially festive for this time of year. Lastly, turn on your oven or pot and let it simmer! You’ll start smelling the magic within minutes. 

As for ingredients, get creative with your little ones! Whatever you all associate with Christmas and the holidays are good choices. One of my favorites is the Tropical Christmas blend. Using citrus fruits and juniper, this blend creates a fresh green scent with holiday spice. It’s great even after Christmas as well!

Another great option is “Nordic Fairytale.” This blend has ingredients straight out of a Swedish lullaby and is soothing beyond your wildest dreams. The key material in this blend are elderberries. These berries give off an aromatically sweet yet thick scent. Once your simmer pot gets cooking, it’ll be hard to imagine you’re not in Narnia. 

You can find pre-made bags of potpourri on Amazon like the ones pictured below, in case you don’t want to create your own. 

Regardless of your aromatic wish, you can find all 10 recipes below. Again, all follow the same instructions to make! Happy holidays!

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