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The Easiest Ways To Declutter Kids Toys

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Kids love toys and even us adults cannot resist them from time to time. That is how we end up with a room full of toys that nobody likes to clean, organize or arrange. However, a cluttered room is not only an unsightly view, but it can also be dangerous for kids playing in it, or for any visitor who can easily hurt themselves by stepping on a toy. For that and for many other reasons it is important to declutter kids' toys regularly. Here's how!
Do your kids really need all those toys?
Well, probably not, but saying no constantly is hard, we get it. Children tend to collect everything and as far as they are concerned they can never have too many toys. But, it is up to us, the parents, to draw the line somewhere. Having too many toys is not only financially draining but it can also be harmful to your children. They might not value what they have if they keep wanting and getting new things every day. Plus, having too many stuff will take up more of your time needed to declutter, clean, and organize. 
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Start to declutter kids' toys by getting rid of broken toys
Throwing away some of your kids' toys may be stressful for your kids. If you want to avoid drama, do it when they are away or at least when they are occupied by something else. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to understand that a broken toy can be unsafe to play with. That's why it is better not to include them in this part of the decluttering process. Along with broken toys, you should get rid of all the toys that are missing some parts, dried out markers, felt-tip pens, and other used-up supplies that your kids might have kept somewhere. That is one of the ways of making your home safer on a budget.
Pass along or donate some of the toys 
This is the part when you should include your kids. Go through the toys they are not so passionate about and decide who you should give them to. Your kid might not be so interested in the toy anymore, but there is a neighbor, cousin or friend that might appreciate it more. Make this a regular thing to teach your children the importance of giving and to show them how blessed they are to be able to give
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If you have an older child's toys that you would like your younger one to use, but it's still too soon for that, there is a solution. You do not have to stumble upon them around the house since you can store your kids' toys in a storage facility near you, and fetch them when the time is right. 
You will declutter kids' toys more easily if every toy has its place in the room
Ok, this is easier said than done, but you should at least try to decide where each toy should be when the room is in order. When you know where to put them, you will declutter kids' toys more easily. If you are remodeling or just setting up a playroom for your children, here are some small pieces of furniture and some accessories that you might find useful for organizing toys:
shelves - the open ones offer a better display of toys and they are very decorative when the items are nicely arranged. On the other hand, they will probably be more often messy than not. The closed ones are better for storing more toys and hiding the occasional mess.
boxes - made of cardboard or plastic - they are perfect for storing small toys, legos, and sets that would be ruined if a piece went missing. Plastic boxes are a great space-saving option and they can be found in all sizes nowadays. You can even buy some bigger ones with wheels that are perfect for under-bed toy storage. 
bags - very useful when trying to declutter kids' toys, at least the soft ones.
shoe organizers - even though not originally designed for toys, they can be used for smaller stuffed animals, dolls or cars. This organizer will save you a load of space if you hang it on the door of your kids' playroom or their closet.
Great tip: Let your kids decide where they should keep their toys, that way they will easily remember where everything belongs!
Involve your little ones in the process
Cleaning and decluttering are hardly going to be your children's favorite ways to spend time with you, but you should teach them that there are some chores that just have to be done. From an early age, kids should be taught to clean up after themselves and participate in all sorts of family activities, be that holiday decorating or spring cleaning. When a family works together, they relax and spend more quality time together too
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If your kids find it very difficult to tidy up their rooms, maybe you could motivate and reward them when they do. Of course, we don't mean buying yet another toy. Reading their favorite story, playing a cartoon they like or a game of their choice can be enough. Or, you can entertain yourselves by doing some crafts or some DIY projects together. 
Organize category by category
If you are not ready to devote hours and hours to this chore, you can rearrange category by category. For instance, one day you can spend some time organizing the books and cleaning the bookshelves. Another time you can wash and dry all the soft toys, etc. 
Labeling is crucial for good organization
Labels and stickers can save you so much time when looking for something and when decluttering. Use them to mark the content of each box and bin in your kids' room. Put the words and pictures on labels so that they are useful indicators for the little ones who still cannot read. 
Maintain the decluttered toy area
Making your kids' room tidy is not that difficult, but maintaining it in order is a different story. The easiest way to declutter kids' toys is to do a little bit of tidying up every day. That way you will have less to do when it's cleaning time and your kids will develop a healthy habit of decluttering and being responsible for their possessions. 
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