Sunday 15 December 2019

The best gifts for the VSCO girl on your list

What is a VSCO girl? The term VSCO girl refers to a popular subculture among members of Generation Z, grouping together teenagers that follow certain fashion choices that go along with trends. VSCO girl fashion is often described as "laid-back". The younger generations have decided to turn this into a trend rather than an insult making them involved with protecting the environment, using reusable straws and hydro flasks and wearing scrunchies. Many girls are fans of the VSCO trend and there are a number of gifts that can help make their online fantasy a reality. 

Reusable menstruation cups are the latest and greatest alternative to pads and tampons. They are made out of the same materials as baby bottles and implants making them safe to use in all body types. These great new reusable cups can save the world from hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes worth of sanitary products for future generations. Sileu cups come in all different shapes and sizes for all women of any age. They are the highest quality, leak free, and can hold up to 3 times more than a tampon. The travel pack comes with the cup, sterilizer and case so you can take your Sileu cup anywhere you go. Every environmentally conscious VSCO girl needs one!

Hydro flasks or reusable water bottles of any kind are a huge hit this year for the VSCO trend. Reusable water bottles have been growing in popularity for years now but the trend is hitting new highs with social media. Not only are you getting beautiful and practical gifts for your loved ones but you are doing your part to save the environment. Hydro flasks are quite pricey so you can get other reusable water bottles that are equally as awesome. The ones below are a cheaper option:

Reusable straws have been the latest change and people are getting right into it. There are a number of different materials being used, from silicone to metal and even paper. The goal is to keep millions of straws out of the landfill and once again reduce our footprint on the environment. These straws can come in travel containers that fit in any backpack or purse so you can have your straws wherever you go.

Scrunchies have been around for years and they have made a comeback in the VSCO trend. They are used to keep their hair up and seem to be a wrist accessory or have been used by girls to give to their boyfriends as a status symbol. Scrunchies are super inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colours. VSCO girls love them and they will be found under multiple trees this holiday. 

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