Friday 24 January 2020

10 Ways To Reinvent Any Room In Your House

Your living room looks old-fashioned and outdated to you – it is no longer really up to date. You’ve decided you will modernize it! How to revamp any room in your house? There are several ways to reinvent a room, such as you can remove a partition, change the decor, install a new floor or even adapt the lighting. You can also opt for empire window furnishings folding arm awnings for the protection of your rooms from direct sunlight or rain. Here we will discuss each part of your house and how you can renovate and reinvent them!

Redo Your Living Room

You must pamper the living room. It's still THE living room where you relax in the evening, where you receive your guests, etc. In short, it is better to make it the center of attention in your home and especially to make sure it’s up to your taste!

1. Remove a partition to enlarge the room

Your living room is not very large. If you have always dreamed of having a spacious living room, this renovation is an opportunity to enlarge it. Identify load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. If you can remove the kitchen partition, why not succumb to the temptation of an open American kitchen? Finally, if a non-load-bearing wall overlooks an adjoining room such as a laundry room, drop this partition to enlarge the room and create a dining area that would be very practical to entertain your guests with comfort.

2. Change the decor of your living room

You have neither the time nor the desire to embark on major renovations where dust and rubble will affect your daily life. No problem, a simple modernization of the decor can change the style of the room:

  • Change the furniture: sofa, coffee table, etc.
  • Add contemporary decorative objects: lamp, tealight holder, curtains on the windows
  • Replace doors or door handles
  • Choose an overall color by adding a few elements: carpet, plaid, cushions, etc.
  • Add indoor plants

3. Renovate floors and walls

If the walls are worn and you have a damaged floor, the priority should be to modernize the finishes.

Check the condition of the walls before choosing new wallpaper or new paint. Make sure there are no traces of moisture. Choose a coating and a contemporary color: green, amber honey, duck blue, etc.

For the floor, it is possible to change it without breaking everything if you want to avoid spending whole days removing the old tiles. Choose a trendy and modern floor covering such as a mix of parquet and cement tiles, XXL tiles or even polished concrete.

4. Adapt the light to each space in the living room

The interior lighting plays an essential role. It determines the mood of the room. The renovation of your living room is an opportunity to draw an electric sheath.
Add light points if necessary or electrical outlets to plugin extra lamps to create a softer or livelier atmosphere depending on the area of ​​the living room: office area, TV area, sofa, dining table.

You can also install a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the lighting according to your needs. Use warm lighting for the sitting area. It brings a cozier atmosphere than a brighter cool light which will be better suited above the dining room table.
Designers will offer personalized support with respect to the standards in force and the latest regulations. From the beginnings of the site to its completion, the satisfaction of owners and tenants is important for designers.

Reinvent Your Bathroom

Here are some amazing ways to reinvent the bathroom with some interior design and decoration. Bathrooms are the necessity in the home. In order to be pleasant daily, you need to think it through according to your needs. Solo bathrooms can afford a few whims such as installing a beautiful freestanding bathtub, installing a small decorative basin or graphic wallpaper.

In a family home, the bathroom needs to be above all practical to be easy to use. Carefully choose the coverings, the shower, the sink or the toilets to make life easier for its users day after day. You can reinvent the technical aspects by calling a professional for the transformation works to redo the bathroom. Calling on a competent professional is the guarantee of applying the changes with rules of the art. You can also install a partition and a new showerhead or paint – the small jobs in the bathroom give it a different style.

Decorate Your Room Considering Age

Is there anything more motivating and exciting when decorating a house than taking care of the children's room? Surely a few things. This space, half playful, half educational, offers a lot of possibilities when designing and decorating. In addition, it is very gratifying to see how every corner dedicated to the children of the home is evolving and reinventing them, right? Not to forget, discover how to soundproof your room so that noise pollution does not disturb your sleep or hinder your cognitive development. 

We are going to review some of the trends in children's decorations. We’ll look into an important factor i.e. the age range in which children are.

The first room

Do you want to adopt the trend in your baby's room? The minimalist Nordic style is still going strong this year and will be strong the next. Cots in shades beige, white or called earth colors, smooth walls with ornament sparse furniture and functional (rocking chair for breastfeeding or comfortable Scandinavian style to save their first bibs and booties) will be required for these first months of your baby 's life.

The warm and organic fabrics also gaining strength in these bedrooms. Choose pleasant-to-touch cushions and fabrics such as organic cotton, or wool in winter, to seal the space dedicated to your child's dream. Don't you know what colors to use in your first room? Vanilla, the always elegant grey, and white or even mint have superseded traditional sky blue or pink.

He has already grown up!

It is a fact, the thematic rooms 'are here to stay'. These types of rooms that invite play and rest delight both children and adults. They often recreate animated films: from Peppa Pig through the mythical Batman, Superman or Frozen, to decorations inspired by nature, travel or a particular sport are usually the most applauded.

Despite the years they have been among us, it seems that the bunk beds are still a trend. Aesthetics in a single piece of furniture that is usually linked to an even more functional one, a desk with built-in bookshelf so that children begin to acquire the habit of studying and reading. Great!

If your little one is not yet in the age to think about homework but also access to play, imagine and dream practically about the games 24 hours a day. Small Indian-American-inspired stools are a great way to sit next to him, either to read a story or to create together the most incredible stories and even to represent them.


Reinventing your rooms serves fashion but also aesthetic and comfort. You will spend many hours a day in that room, especially your kid during the first years of his life. Get inspired in several ways: read, visualize, reflect and compare. There is no hurry to decorate, however it is necessary to be patient, care and dedication in this process. Advise yourself! If you are not sure about certain aspects, get professional help.


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