Friday 24 January 2020

How To Help Your Child Who is Struggling With Mathematics with Mathematics

Remember when math used to contain numbers. Math is a subject that is not made for everyone to succeed. It is a subject at which nearly every person suffers at some point in life and children also face issues studying it in school. If you find that your child is not that good at math, you do not have to worry too much since this is a common issue among children. Education in Math has changed quickly from memorizing formulas to understanding concepts which you can implement in real life. Although this is a positive step for learning, it can be confusing for both a parent tutoring his child and also for the person studying it. However, like everything, you can also be good at math with the right amount of practice and regular maths tutoring. Some of the ways you can help your child are mentioned below.

1. Practice with your child:
I am sure that you are familiar with the quote that "Practise makes perfect". Following this quote will help you to get good at maths. Practicing maths regularly is probably the only tried and tested way you can improve on your maths solving ability. Being good at maths also has to do with how comfortable you are at doing maths. If you feel relaxed while solving a sum, you are probably doing it right. Encourage your child to sit with you every night and practice some of the work that he has done at school so that he can also revise his work while also having plenty of practice while solving maths.

2. Figure out the problem area:
Most often, many children continuously struggle at one specific topic in maths. Perhaps your child is having issues while solving Geometry questions. You should sit down with your child and ask him to identify the topics which he is not comfortable with so that you can have a first look at it. Since every topic is connected with another topic in maths, struggling to understand one topic will lead to difficulty in understanding a new topic as well. Identifying the issues that bother him will help you to deal with the task and take appropriate actions to address it, such as talking to the teacher or assigning practice questions until your child can grasp the concept.

3. Make math fun:
Let's face it; children like to play games and have fun. You can turn the subject into something enjoyable for a child to learn. When a child enjoys studying a subject, he will learn it better. You can design shapes and numbers so that your child can engage and enjoy the activity. You can also help your child to develop puzzles and other sorts which would ensure that your child will not only enjoy the activity but also learn about maths. The important point is that you do not have to make maths difficult for your child and can make it an interesting subject for them which they look forward to studying.

4. Use math for everyday use
Your child does not have to practice maths only when he is studying it. You can help your child to apply the concepts that he had studied in practical life by implementing it in different situations. Your child should not have to look forward to completing his homework to apply his learning and can use it for everyday use. For example, if you are out in the supermarket and are shopping for grocery, you can ask your child to calculate the costs and other items which you need to purchase to ensure that your child is constantly practising his mathematical concepts.

5. Encourage your child
Perhaps the most important step to help your child in improving his mathematical skills. Although you may get frustrated when your child is unable to grasp a simple concept, but you should avoid the frustration from showing on your face. Often many people are afraid of facing stuff which they are not comfortable with, and studying maths can be one of them. The only way you can help them to acquire such skills is by constantly encouraging them as they slowly progress upwards. Hence, you should encourage your child whenever he understands a new concept and be patient when he is struggling to understand another. Trust me; nothing will be more discouraging for a child than a parent who doubts his skills.

6. Hire a Tutor
This is an offer that many parents willing to take. Rather than simply overexerting yourself, it is simply convenient to hire a tutor who is a professional in the subject so that he can teach your child better. One of the problems that many parents face while teaching their children is that they have not studied the subject for a long time, and some of the concepts are not refreshed in their minds. Hence, they too struggle to understand the problems when they began to teach their child, which causes problems. Hiring a tutor will simply remove this issue since the teacher is either a professional in the subject or is currently studying at a higher grade which ensures that his concepts are revised and can teach your child.

Maths is a subject which is difficult to comprehend for the majority of us. Despite its importance, many people are still uncomfortable when it comes to solving maths. Hence it is easy to understand why some children are continuously struggling when it comes to solving mathematical questions. However, like everything maths can be solved using some tricks which would help the child to not only understand the subject but enjoy it as well. You do not have to present maths as a horrifying monster to your child so that he gets scared by it but instead helps him by taking it small. You should also allow your child to learn maths outside the studying environment by encouraging him to use his skills in the practical world.

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