Tuesday 7 January 2020


Don’t you love it when you step into your favorite store, and you find out that they are having a huge sale? It is one of the best feelings in the world. You went there to spend a certain amount and end up spending so much more than that. Who wouldn’t? You get more bang for your buck, and you get the same quality as you would have if you hadn’t bought in the sale. However, many of us tend to think that it is a random thing, and you cannot gear up for it. That is where you are wrong. It is not completely random, and you can easily track the store’s sales cycle to make sure that you buy whatever you want at a discounted price. Whether we talk about accessories, adult clothing, or we talk about Kids clothes sale, we can get it all and more.
The fact of the matter is, stores need to keep their shelves and racks filled. It is one of the ways that they can attract customers by offering them a plethora of choices. But the thing that we don’t get is that they need to make sure that their shelves and displays are stocked with the latest and newest products so that they can entice the customers more and more. So anything that stays on the shelves for a long time has got to go. These are the items that they offer in different types of sales. And this is where we can score big time.

Understanding the Sales Cycles

Let’s get one thing straight. Stores aren’t too keen on selling their products at a discounted price. They would rather sell it to you at top dollar. That is the reason why they keep all the priciest items at the front and all the sales items in the back. But just because something is in the back doesn’t mean that it is less quality material.
What we have to do is to understand the sales cycle of the stores so that we can come out on top. There are seasonal sales as well as regular sales cycles that can make sure that you don’t have to pay full price for anything that you need.

Wait for Six to Eight Weeks

Usually, retail stores allow a new item to stay on their shelves and displays for anywhere between six to eight weeks. Once this period is over, they mark it down. As new merchandise is always coming in, store owners cannot afford to let an old item stay on the shelves for a long period. If they do, it will take up the valuable space, and they won’t be able to show the latest items properly. Also, there is the chance that in six to eight weeks, the old items will mostly be sold and the remaining items won’t be enough to take up the entire display or the whole shelf.
These are the reasons why most items are moved to the clearance section after a while. This section is usually at the very back, and all the items are lumped together so that savvy shoppers and random visitors can get to them.

Thursdays Are Best

If you know that a certain item is going up for sale and you want to be among the first ones to get a chance to grab it, then you have to go to the store on a Thursday.
Why Thursdays, you ask?
If you want a certain pair of shoes or an accessory and you know that it has already spent six to eight weeks on the shelf then you know it will soon be shifted to the sales counter. What the shop owners know is that most people visit the stores on the weekend. That is why they start preparing for the heavy flow of customers from Thursday. If you visit the store on a Thursday, you can make sure that you get first dibs on all the merchandise that is on sale.
If you go on Friday or Saturday, you might get a good deal, but you won’t have a lot of choices as the selection will be limited. There will also be others vying for the same item, and there is a chance that someone will snag the item before you do.

Ask Around

There is a lot of power in asking for help. Whether it’s from an employee in the store or if it’s from your family and friends, you have no idea how much asking for help can do for you. You might have been in a scenario where you selected a dress or something else and found that it wasn’t in your size. What you should do in such a situation is to ask the employees if they have it in your size. If they say no, ask them to call their other outlets and find out if they have it in your size or not. With the competition increasing day by day, salespeople try their best to keep the sale in-house. They will do everything that they can to make sure that you don’t have to go somewhere else. If they have the dress in your size in another outlet they will not only let you know, they might even have it delivered for you.

Know the Return Policy

One of the things that bother the customers is the seemingly random return policy of the stores. You are extremely happy when you see something that is being offered at less than half the price that it would usually go. Your happiness quickly turns sour when you find out that the item that you just bought is not fitting properly and when you go to the store you can’t return it. Whenever you buy something that is on sale, ask the store manager or any salesperson to tell you about the return policy. Most of the time, the policy is that the sales are final and there cannot be any return, but most stores offer some in-house credit or something else that you can use to your advantage.

Benefits of Shopping for Clothes on Sale

Now that we know what to do, let’s see why we should do it:
1. shopping for clothes on sale ensure that you reduce the waste. Any unwanted or unsold clothes are disposed of in landfills or other ways. That is a huge problem as it increases greenhouse gases which increase the effects of global warming.
2. A dress or another piece of clothing on sale is less costly as compared to the same thing that isn’t on sale. You save a lot by shopping for sale items.
3. No matter how much you use the internet, there is a thrill that comes with shopping physically. You get the thrill of the hunt when you go out tracking your sale items. Another thrill is finding what you wanted for $50, and the original price was $150.
4. You can get the best quality stuff as well as designer items at a fraction of the price.
5. If you are someone who likes a specific brand and never buys off the rack, then you can find almost everything from any brand that you want.
6. Since everything has to go after six to eight weeks, you can find new things every time you go to a sale.
7. When you track the sales, you get a huge choice of items that you want. You can track multiple sales from various stores so that you can get the dress that you want.
8. It is an effective method of experimenting with new styles and looks without wasting a lot of money.


Now you know how to track your favorite items and what to do to make sure that you get it. You also know that it will not only save you a lot of money, but you can also develop a wardrobe of clothes that are stylish, modern as well as fashionable.

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