Tuesday 7 January 2020

Tips to impress your bride on your wedding day

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things on earth; it’s also one of the most important days of our lives. The day you find your soulmate, the love of your life, your best friend in one person, and then you officially commit yourselves to them. Everything about a wedding is exciting from the preparations before your big day, to choosing every little detail together from wedding suits in Sydney and rings to pick the right catering service and venue, it’s all fun and games when you have your partner beside you at all times. There is no doubt that you would want to make this day the absolute best for you and your future wife. Everything must be picture perfect and should fall into place to have an event that remains memorable for the rest of your life.

For the perfect wedding day, we’re positive you’d want your partner to be the happiest in every day. It’s no surprise that girls tend to be twice as or more excited than the groom for her wedding day. Almost every girl dreams of getting married to the love of her life and walking down the aisle, knowing she made the best choice in the world. With all her trust that she’s putting in you, why not make your wedding even more unforgettable by adding your personal touches to it. After all, what’s a better day than your wedding to impress your bride? There are a lot of things you can do for your bride to bring the biggest smile on her face. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, why not consider one of the following options to fascinate and enchant your wife once again.

·           Engraved rings 
What’s a better way to express your love for your wife then adding your personal touch to your wedding bands? Have the inside of the rings engraved with something that reminds you both of a special moment you had together in life. You could have your wedding date engraved, your initials or last names written, a phrase or quote that gives you the nostalgia of all time spent together, or maybe even something that perfectly describes her. Not only is this unique, but it will also stay close to her heart, wherever, whenever. It’s not always the case that big expensive diamond rings can win your lover’s heart, but instead a small custom gesture that depicts your effort would mean a lot more.

·          First look photoshoot 
While it may be common in some traditional households to have ‘a first look’ where the bride and the groom have a glimpse of how their partner looks like on their wedding day before the actual event begins. Add a personal touch by remaking or reenacting the first time both of you saw each other? Create a scene with something that reminds her of how you two met or your first encounter. Get a professional photographer or your friends to secretly capture that magical moment of when you two see each other for the first time as the soulmates you’re about to marry. Get lost in one another’s eyes and preserve that enchanting moment for the rest of your life by getting it recorded.

·          Memorable present 
While the two of you may be focusing on every tiny detail at the wedding whether it’s dealing with the food vendor, deciding the menu, pick your favourite colour scheme, having floral arrangements done, after all this hectic routine, you should consider making your wife feel special by going out of the way and surprising her with a present she can cherish for the rest of her life. Do this when she’d least expect you to pull out any surprises, especially when you’re caught up with so many other tasks. It’ll bring the brightest smile on her face when she realizes how you thought it was necessary to give her something worthwhile amidst the chaotic planning. Have a moment for the two of you and gift her a bracelet or a necklace or if she likes gadgets consider surprising her with a new cell phone or pay attention carefully to anything she hints at getting sooner or later and end up gifting that specific thing to her.
·           Cater your guests 
Let’s get one thing straight that every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect! Yes, there’s always the slightest degree of drama, but as a groom, you’d need to show your wife how responsible you can be by taking care of all the little details, so she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Have vendors call you and inform you about everything before worrying about your wife. Move about and cater to your and her friends and family in the best way, so they feel welcomed, and so you create a sense of hospitality. We’re positive your bride would be beyond impressed to see you treating guests at your wedding so politely and in the best manner possible. She’ll also feel proud marrying a decent and caring man like you who looks out for her and everyone she loves.

·          Art 
You can always use art in a way to express how you truly feel. There’s nothing better than handmade crafts or presents that will lift your bride’s mood instantly. Go old fashioned and write her a love letter, don’t use social media or the internet or your laptop to type it. Pen it down and express your love for her, write details about where you two first met, moments that made you smile and sign it at the end, this is a keepsake she’ll look forward to reading more often than you’d expect.
Similarly, you could also consider writing her a personalized journal or making a scrapbook. This would be better if you do this a few weeks or months before your wedding so you don’t miss out on any details. Add pictures, fun moments of you two spending time together. Remind her of the reasons why you love her and reassure her that you’ll be by her side no matter what happens. Don’t forget to make every page more special by mentioning the date and time so she relives the moment while she’s reading every detail.

·          Fireworks 
Towards the end of your wedding party, gather outside to witness a beautiful show of fireworks. Light up your wife’s world while you both stare at the night sky lighting up in the most beautiful way celebrating the love you have for each other. What would be even better is to wait for all or most of the guests to leave and let the two of you enjoy and have this moment all to yourself. You can also light up sky lanterns and set them in the sky together with your bride and watch the mesmerizing sight of lanterns floating by, talk about a tangled reference? Every girl loves to sparkle and light, so be it fireworks, sparklers or even lanterns we’re positive you’ll end your wedding party in the best way possible with this meaningful gesture.

·          Plant a ‘love’ tree
If your bride supports the ecosystem and is very cautious when it comes to keeping everything environmentally healthy, a great way to show your affection is to plant a tree that may be in your backyard or somewhere special and label it with an engraved stone with your wedding date. Watch your love ‘grow’ literally in the best way possible. Give back to the earth and be an inspiration to others that no matter what the occasion is, there’s no excuse when it comes to being socially responsible. Not to mention, it’s also super adorable and romantic.

·          Slideshow 
Create a meaningful video or slideshow of all the moments you’ve spent with each other. This works best if you and your partner have both spent a long time with each other. Watch your bride tear up with joy when she relives and witnesses some of the greatest moments of her life with you and laugh with hilarious videos the two of you made together. Save that video and rewatch it only to fall in love all over again with each other.  

You’ve come across some pretty neat ideas that’ll be sure to knock your bride’s socks off, especially when she realizes how thoughtful and concerned you can get for her. Make her feel special and like she’s made the best decision of her life by marrying a guy like you. These gestures are just a way to represent the effort that you put in for her and for your love, which is exactly what she’ll acknowledge for the rest of her life.

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