Saturday 4 January 2020

Frugal Ways To Be A Fun Parent This Year

With all the screens and electronics available to our kids these days it can be a challenge to sneak in some quality time without breaking the bank. I pride myself in being a fun mom even though I work non stop and I don't spend a fortune on doing so. Your kids want quality time with you not the latest and greatest in toys and technology, my kids are thrilled just to go to the park, see a movie, build some snowmen, or make some crafts. Not only do we get quality time together but most of which are great learning experiences. So how can you be a fun parent while staying on budget?

Hair Dye With Koolaid
If you can find old school powdered Koolaid in stores than you should stock up while you can. You can find it online as well for super cheap and it makes the best hair dye for light coloured hair. My daughter absolutely loves dying her hair but I hate putting harsh chemicals on her baby hairs so the more natural dyes we can find the better. We have tried a number of different processes we found online and this is the best one for long hair:

  • Add two packets of the same colour Koolaid to 2 cups of boiling water. 

  • Carefully dip the hair into the water for ten minutes.

  • As the mixture cools you can head to the bathtub and begin drizzling the mix onto the hair on top.

  • Once you have all the hair you want dyed covered wrap the hair in a towel you don't care about as it will stain.

  • Let it soak for another ten minutes, rinse the hair until it runs clear into the water. Dry and enjoy for weeks to come.

  • You can complete the process with multiple colours for rainbow hair!

Dollar Store Crafts
Dollar tree is one of our favourite stores for cheap crafts  Everything is $1.25 or less and you can find a number of fun activities for kids of all ages. You can find ingredients to make slime, wall decor, paint on canvases, and even supplies to make Cricut projects. Kids could care less how much everything costs as long as they have a good time doing it.

Sheet And Blanket Forts
You can spend hours reading and building Lego or playing house with your kids in a blanket and sheet fort put together in your living room or bedrooms. If you don't have a large collection of sheets and blankets to build forts you can find some for next to nothing in second-hand stores, a quick wash and you have all new fort-building materials. The best thing about building forts in the house is they can be easily taken down and put back up again, and they can be built and played in at any time of year.

Teach Your Kids To Cook
Believe it or not, kids absolutely love to cook. These days it is our duty to teach our kids the basic life skills they will no longer learn at school. Simple cooking skills will set them up for life, help you if you ever need them to cook for you and could open up the possibility of a new career choice as a chef or baker.

Teach Your Kids To Sew
You can ask a number of people if they know how to sew and the odds are a large number of them will tell you they can't. It is a very helpful skill to have if you ever need to repair your clothing, want to start making your own clothes, want to make your own stuffed toys, or just work on basic hand-eye coordination. These skills can come in handy in many ways and are extremely frugal if you buy fabrics from second-hand stores or reuse old clothing.

Take Walks Or Go Hiking
Exercise is one of the most important parts of our lives that are being taken away with screen time and electronics. It costs absolutely nothing to get outside and go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. Kids thrive outdoors and it tires them out and helps them sleep better after being out in the fresh air all day. You can start to take photos of nature and the places you visit to encourage them to look into photography as a career or hobby choice later in life.

There are a number of frugal activities you can take up this year and encourage more physical activity and important life skills that will help to shape your child into the adult you want them to be and not the entitled monster you don't want them to be.

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