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How popular is buying furniture online today

Using online stores has long been no longer exotic, but familiar reality. It reduces both temporary resources and money, which is why it is so popular with consumers. However, furniture, as a dimensional and relatively expensive product, has certain difficulties promoting on the Internet.
Is it worth spending money on online product promotion and why is it needed? The bulk of sales, as of today’s practice shows, still occurs in shopping centers. If you are looking for furniture, you can also consider the highest quality shade sails.
Internet channels are a powerful motivational tool that allows the client to also analyze who he is dealing with. That is why the interface of the store’s website should be solid, should competently, moderately and intrusively present products, profitably representing the advantages of the company.

Trends in Choosing Furniture

When choosing, for example, upholstered furniture, consumers usually go in one of two ways. The first is characteristic of a more age group. Such customers start with a visit to a real point of sale, visually examine materials, models, and receive tactile information about the product. A purchase is made there. After collecting and evaluating all the data, they buy the goods through the online store.
Those who follow the second path (this is mainly the case with younger ones) study photos on websites, choosing a suitable design, colors, descriptions of functions, and then go to the shopping center to confirm or refute the prevailing opinion about the options chosen, their real comfort and quality. And if all the criteria are met, they get a piece of furniture they like. Producers and sellers need to meet the requirements of both groups of consumers, then the consumer audience will grow significantly.
It has been noticed from experience that the most visited sections on sites representing furniture are the product catalog and store addresses. This confirms the need for omnichannel for furniture products, as well as for any other.
There is another feature associated with the introduction of online sales, which are still perceived by customers as risky: people often present an order according to the picture but receive a product that does not meet high expectations. The percentage of failures is increasing. It turns out that for sellers, online sales are fraught with great risk. Online stores are forced to invest increased funds in website promotion and product promotion, offer discounts, hold promotions, and discount sales.
Work exclusively in the salon or only through the online store becomes unprofitable and does not cause customer confidence. That is why it is for the sale of furniture products that the combination of offline work and online stores is so relevant and promising.

Survey insights

At the beginning of 2019, experts conducted an extensive survey among users. 76% of all respondents purchased furniture.
Here are the data from this audience:
        48% emphasized that the Internet is an important factor used in the purchase of furniture. Answering the question: “Where did you purchase furniture over the past 6 months?”, 50% of the audience mentioned the use of Internet channels. 18% of respondents purchased furniture directly from an online store, a third of respondents combined a trip to a furniture salon with an order from an online store. But at the same time, the remaining 50% of buyers, acting in the usual way, took furniture in the store without using Internet search.
        70% of respondents purchased furniture, considering information from the Internet and drawing on their own experience. 51% of customers start studying the issue from the Internet, and 19% look into it after going to the furniture salon. Relying solely on Internet data, 15% of respondents purchase furniture, and 13% use only live purchases in stores. 2% of the study participants found it difficult to remember exactly where they bought furniture.
        The benefits of online shopping. The survey participants predictably attributed these advantages too:
•             - the opportunity to see and analyze the proposed value of furniture at various points of sale
•             - A huge range of options for a given request
•             —Saving temporary resources
•             —Saving budget funds, as, according to consumers, online stores offer lower prices
So, according to the results of the survey, we conclude:
        purchasing furniture through online stores has become a familiar activity for half of the users
        70% of the audience turn to the Internet when searching for the right purchase option
        the main advantages of using the Internet when choosing furniture are the ability to compare prices, saving time and finance.
World furniture industry: what’s on-trend


The main trend in furniture is natural materials. All over the world, people focus on the environmental friendliness of housing and objects surrounding at home and in the office. Therefore, the modern choice of many is furniture from a solid array. And not only naive simplified, but also more budget. In this style, expensive unique designer masterpieces from relict tree slices are presented.

Plywood in trend

And no wonder! Plywood allows you to realize the most modern ideas. Pavilions of exhibitions devoted to modern innovations are filled with designer fantasies from this material.

Chubby sofa

There is never a good sofa! Minimalism is losing ground, and upholstered furniture is noticeably growing and getting thicker. And how nice it is, coming from a cold street, to immerse yourself in a warm and cozy plump sofa!

Starring metal combinations

Air seats made of wire. Or the union of the Arctic luster of metal with the warmth of wooden details. Cold metal and soft cozy textiles. Attractive combinations.

Non-shouting luxury - furniture trend

The respectability of its owner will be emphasized by the decor of the house, where all furniture is made of natural materials. Each thing is of a unique design, boldly declaring its considerable value. But this is achieved not with a golden sheen, but with carefully thought-out catchy combinations and beauty at the level of masterpieces. This is traditionally famous for manufacturers from Italy, Germany, Austria, and Poland.
Key furniture trends 2019-2020
A harmoniously selected furniture set is a rather difficult achievement, considering the numerous nuances of a room, interior, and lighting.
Next, we will try to reveal the main modern trends in the furniture industry.
1.    Pink nude. The discreetness and naturalness of a pale pink shade attract more and more supporters this season. One of its many advantages is its excellent compatibility with almost all colors, both bright and bold, and practically neutral.
2.    Beds are cocoons. And this is again a step back to nature, to the roots. Beds with a headboard and footboard, covered with cozy, pleasant to the touch textile, are called under the wing, promising calm and protection.
3.   Geometry. In addition to soft lines, trendy and bold geometry in the most unpredictable combinations. The fashion of the coming season gravitates to overall forms and asymmetry.
4.    Natural materials. Interior designers never tire of experimenting with combinations of various previously seemingly incompatible materials generously offered by nature. Items made of wood interspersed with details made of quartzite, marble. Ceramic fragments of the decor boldly combine with metal elements or concrete.
5.    Rounded shapes. Elegant flowing lines flow into modern fashion from the 70s. Smooth corners, rounded bends give softness to visual perception to soothe.


It is important for the consumer to hear or read real reviews about the purchased products. And in the case of furniture, you can also touch, touch, evaluate whether the soft furniture is soft, whether the cabinets are spacious enough, whether the doors open conveniently, etc. For tactile sensations, to “sit on the couch”, people go to salons, where models are presented live.


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