Wednesday 19 February 2020

Steps to build your own shed

You must feel love for the projects that you complete yourself. Regardless of whether they are tiny or larger-scale tasks, such as building a shed. You will quickly see the results, and the task is not difficult to complete. Proper planning is the key to success. You do not need permission from the authorities if the building does not exceed 25 square meters. Think about what you want to store in the shed. If this is just a tool, just build a small shed.

Land area

One of the most sought-after elements of private households or simply summer cottages is a shed. Some prefer to call this building horseback. However, its essence does not change from this at all. The function of the shed is to store a variety of country tools, such as garden equipment, as well as various rarely used items. The design of such a structure is quite simple, and its size can be called modest. The main reason behind this is, anyone who is interested in constructing himself is able to build a barn (shed) easily.

The main task is the selection of the optimal material

As you know, a large half of success in the construction business depends on the choice of your material. The operational, technical and aesthetic properties of the product determine not only the complexity of the intended work but also the scope of the structure itself. In addition, the operational life of the building largely depends on the building material.

Follow the tradition

Besides, house building is gaining more and more popularity every year; it is worth noting that people always try to acquire modest but charmingly functional real estate outside the city borders. Thus, today in the selection of building material, there is a certain tradition for such buildings as a shed. So, in the domestic market, you can avail the following options:


Well, this is the most common and simple decision. In this case, you can build the construction within a few days, and as a roof, you can put an inexpensive slate or even roofing material.

Profile pipes or decking

 In this case, it is worth noting the very affordable cost of the product and the simplicity of its installation.

Stone or brick

 Of course, each of us will want to ask ourselves the need to build the shed for a long time and not to return to this issue for decades. In this case, the best solution for you is stone or brick. However, you might face some more complications and might require compliance with a certain system of requirements and norms.


Generally, you can purchase the assembled structure of this type. You can buy a special kit for assembly, its cost is very affordable, and the installation process itself will take only a couple of hours.

OSB plates

 If you do not want to spend time filling the foundation, then OSB-boards will suit you best. A building from this product does not need a foundation at all.


 Striving for the aesthetics and durability of the shed, you may come across a proposal to build it from a timber. Meanwhile, do not forget that this product is much more expensive than its predecessors on this list are. Moreover, working with it requires a certain level of qualification and experience in the construction field.
From pallets of such material, you can easily whip up a summer shed. It will cost you minimal.


Practice shows that frame structures are less prone to shrinkage.

There are many less common options

Of course, this is just not a complete list of products presented by both domestic manufacturers and their foreign colleagues. Their differences are in cost, properties, types of installation and many other parameters. You need to consult with a specialist to determine exactly what type of product is best for you.

Foundation of shed

You need to process the creation of a foundation from a solid foundation.  At the beginning of the construction of the garden shed, you need to identify the right place on the site. The easiest way is to insert stakes in the appropriate places and connect them. Then you can fill in the concrete foundation. You need to lay it in the ground to a depth of 70-80 cm and cement on cement mortar. It should be three times larger than the support structure of the shed. Poured substrates should dry within a few days.

Infrastructure of shed

Metal anchors or profiles are fastened to the foundation, and a wooden shed structure is built-in. It begins with one wall, fixing wooden poles at equal distances with the help of anchors. In the meantime, the floor is laid on the beams. Wood cannot touch the ground or concrete directly. You can place the shed with the floor directly on the ground – provides that the land is perfectly aligned.

Roof’s shape

Now it is time for the roof. The shed’s roof can have different shapes. The simplest is a flat roof, but the finished one does not look as impressive as a gable or hexagonal roof. The most commonly used materials for garden houses and sheds are straw or cane straw, roof tiles, bituminous tiles, roofing.

Traditional roofs

When it comes to the roof, a traditional roof is a great choice. You can choose a traditional tile or other types of coating. You can also think of a green roof. Very strong and resistant to weather conditions and at the same time aesthetic - steel tiles. The cheapest solution is shingles.

Calculations required to build walls

 The walls of the shed from specially profiled boards rise to the beams. After placing the first layer, you need to check the behavior of the right angles between the walls. The individual wall elements are stacked on top of each other and gently compressed. A homemade window frame is very laborious, but if you decide to complete this task, you will find many videos on the Internet.

Door placement procedure

Of course, you can buy a ready-made door that you put in a pre-prepared hole, but if you have the time and ability, you can try to make them completely by hand. Remember, between the door leaf and the ground you need a distance of about 1.5 cm, so the door does not scratch and opens without problems. Before you start making your door, you need to make very accurate measurements in advance.


Before you use tricks, it is easy to build your own shed. However, the major factors are dedication and interest. When it comes to DIY options, it really adds value to the look. Remember, the material plays an important part as far as quality and life are concerned. You must want its life to be long lasting and that it stands firmly in harsh weather. Therefore, you have to take this matter seriously.
Despite these pros, you should know some cons. Although the cons are not to sever to consider, still the factors exist with little impact. Controlling the construction of the building of customized design shed means you need to keep in mind all the details that adhere to it. Health & Safety Laws prevent all the people involved in the process from injuries and health risks.

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