Tuesday 18 February 2020

Design a small office: ideas and practical tips

One of the most complex tasks requiring special attention and detailed consideration is the design of a small office. You need to consider the designing ideas and tips at the planning stage to prevent spending precious time and money on alterations. Properly selected design of office interiors, especially of a small office, will open new opportunities and prospects. Let us see how the preparation and development of this space goes.


This is one of the most important stages. The first thing you need to do is choosing the right room. The main task here is to correctly correlate the dimensions of the future office and its functions. You should not excessively save on the area of ​​the office. This is because if you plan to serve several customers at the same time, a room of 8 square meters will not work to serve all. However, if you need the design of a small office for one person, then this space is quite enough.
Be sure to consider the functions that your office will perform. What should be the atmosphere of the room? Will your subordinates work individually or will they often have to discuss collective issues? Maybe you need to take place for a conference room; it is also important to consider this in advance.
Do not trust the planner, measure everything yourself, and check several times. It is also worth paying attention to the necessary communications, providing for the location of outlets, lighting fixtures, network cables, etc.

Planning implementation

It will be much more convenient for you if you plan the design and functionality of your premises. Try to imagine the result as best as possible: describe all the details or make an approximate sketch.

Pay attention to the criteria for office space

It is important to create the most comfortable working environment. The productivity of your employees will increase by at least 30% if you provide them with a convenient place to work. Consider the location of employees so that nothing extraneous distracts them from completing assigned tasks. Take care of silence if necessary.
Be sure to equip the room with air conditioning if the climate in summer is hot in your region. Try always to have consistent conditions in the office; sudden changes in temperature will have a bad effect on employee productivity.
If you need an office kitchen, plan for it. For example, if you are designing a small office for four people, you can place a fence of a small space and put it in a coffee machine.
Please note that the office is a reflection of the persona of your company. Therefore, the interior should match or complement the corporate identity of your business. If your business has some motto for customer protection, it is necessary to print it on the wall. There are some simple tricks to follow: the brand color and the color of the interior should match, the decor needs to be chosen in the style of the company, etc.


The next stage is the layout. If you prepare a sketch in advance, it will be much easier for you to work. The first thing to decide the design is the color and coating of the main surfaces; walls, floor and ceiling.


Now you should go to zoning, select the necessary furniture. Consider the needs of both employees and visitors. Even the design of a small office for two people requires attention. Place the customer reception area closer to the exit, and if you want to make a greater impression on them, order designer furniture.
·         The basic rule is that the interior design of a small office should be bright.
·         Stretch ceilings and more elegant furniture will also help visually increase the space.
·         It is very important to think about lighting. This will not only expand the small space but also provide comfort to your employees.

In what style to design a small office

The client will receive the first impression of your company by visiting your office. If he has any inconvenience or unpleasant associations, you will not be able to change your mind about yourself. Choosing the right style for a company's interior is a difficult task requiring maximum concentration from the designer. The design of a small office should impress from the first minutes, correctly reflect the activities of the organization. Today, five interior styles are considered the most successful and harmonious.

1.       Minimalism

Minimalism in interior design is characterized by a large amount of free space and high functionality of all furniture. Here you will not see unnecessary details and a pile of decor. The small office design with a modern style is simple and convenient. This style is characterized by the use of light and unobtrusive shades. Lighting in such an interior will imitate gentle daylight.

2.       Modern

The main distinguishing feature of the Art Nouveau design is the soft plastic rounded shape line. This style expresses harmony and unity with nature, which is probably why it is less functional than minimalism.

3.       High tech

High-tech style implies comfort, modernity and technological design. The functionality and usability of the design are combined here with experiments in the field of lighting. Metal, glass, varnish, mirror surfaces are typical materials for high-tech rooms. In addition to the main lighting, you can apply additional decors for each zone or workplace. Hi-tech loves to bare structures, so brackets will be more useful than ever.

4.       Techno art

If you like experimental and extraordinary solutions and want to surprise your customers, the techno-art style will suit you. The main thing to remember is that it will be appropriate only for non-standard layouts. As for materials, like in high-tech style, you can use glass, metal and other atypical finishes. Besides, high-tech design is characterized by bright and even acid colors.

5.       Loft

The design of a small office in the loft-style is also not suitable for everyone. The emphasis is on the incompleteness of decoration, open communications and the aesthetics of the non-residential premises. These premises are combined in the loft with stylish designer pieces of furniture and decor. It should also be noted that despite the exclusive look, loft-style interior decoration is very popular today.

Stages of implementing the invented design of a small office

After you have decided on the style, proceed directly to the repair work. It is divided into the following steps:
·         Any repair should begin with the laying of the necessary communications. Network cables and the implementation of sockets and switches should be thought out as carefully as possible. It looks cheap and spoils the whole impression of the design if left open. Therefore, it is important to use channels for cables.
·         After that, proceed to surface finishing. Make sure that the materials you select are combined with the main idea of ​​your company.
·         When the finishing of the main surfaces is completed, proceed to the assembly and arrangement of furniture.
·         The most pleasant and interesting stage is the decor of the interior of a small office. The main thing here is not to overdo; it will be better to emphasize with the help of decorative elements the scope of the company. For example, to develop and order a map of partners or make a design stand with letters and reviews.

Design of a small office

Let us take a closer look at the decor of a small office.

Design of a small office decor

Pay special attention to this seemingly simple element. A glass board mounted on the wall of your office will help to solve two problems at once: it is a high-tech replacement for a conventional board for important marks. Secondly, it looks much more spectacular. The color of this indispensable element of decor can be chosen in the style of your design.


Unusual designer watches will also decorate your interior. Especially, they fit into the workspace. Do not neglect this type of decor, because there can be a lot of options for its execution.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants are suitable in the design of small office space. They will give the interior coziness and warmth, while not requiring virtually any special care.

Paintings and Posters

Pictures and posters are still a popular decor for the interior of a small office. Photo design, performance and color are at your choice and discretion. It should also be noted that for an acceptable case, you can select and print as a suitable picture from the catalog. A great budget way to revitalize the interior.


The most competent way to develop the space of a small office will help you plan in the style of open space. This technique, so popular among designers in the West. Besides, it also has undeniable advantages over traditional cabinet zoning, adds air to the room, and employees feel like a united team that will positively affect work.

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