Monday 16 March 2020

3 Ideas for a kid-friendly backyard

For kids, the best thing about spring and summer is how much time they can spend outdoors. They argue less, use their imagination, learn new things, and sleep better after a long day of playing hardWith all the time they will be spending outside, you must make your backyard a spot where your kids will love to spend and enjoy their free time. These three ideas will help you turn your backyard into a kid-friendly den of a lot of fun.

1. Design water fountain with kid’s safety in mind

Just because you have children or frequent visits from kids doesn’t mean you can’t add a fountain to your outdoor space. Adding a fountain to your outdoor space is a great idea, for beauty and an excellent spot for relaxing. Although fountains may seem like a danger to kids, you can add a fountain and make it safe for children to be around

Fencing is one way to ensure your fountain is kid-friendly. Although it may seem impractical and even unattractive, you can go for attractive fencing options that add character, as well as protects your children from any danger. If you feel fencing is not your thing, you can construct a shallow fountain pool filled with attractive stones so that a child cannot drown at any point.

2. Incorporate various playgrounds

The kids will require enough play area to run around as they play. A lawn will provide a grassy area for them to get wetduring the summer with a play pool or sprinklers without damaging plants. If your backyard doesn't have grass, you can opt for artificial turf or use rubber tiles to cover the kid’splayground. Treehouse is another exquisite symbol of a kid-friendly backyard. It not only gives kids a place to play with friends but also boosts their motor skills through climbing and imaginative play.

If you have space, adding a zipline for kids in the backyard is thrilling and will have your kids running outside. A climbing wall is also a perfect idea if you have limited space. The kids will not only enjoy climbing but also build strength and coordination.

3. Include Learning activities

Playing is great for kids, but it shouldn’t be the only activity in your backyard. Incorporate fun learning activities where you can teach your little ones some necessary skills. For instance, grow a children’s garden where you can spend time together teaching them how to grow plants such as flowers and food plants. Pick easy to grow vegetables that your kids love, water them together, and experience the excitement of watching your food grow from tiny seeds. Plant a flower garden together and teach your kids how to take care of plants and other natural resources. Another way of encouraging learning at the backyard is by setting up a chalkboard wall where the kids can draw and get creative.

As you design your backyard to keep your kids entertained and have fun, keep their safety in mind. Having a safe yard gives you peace of mind so you can take care of other things as they play.  

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