Tuesday 31 March 2020

Cool Science Projects for the Younger Set

Who says your kids can’t have fun and learn science at the same time?! Use the following science projects and watch them be mesmerized by science.

Some may think that science is a subject a bit too serious for preschoolers, but if you have the right approach and smartly choose the experiments,  you are guaranteed to have them ask for more, as kids love to witness chemical reactions, building things or exploring nature. Let’s go through several science projects kits for kids that you can apply.

The Rainbow Wizard’s Brew

Being one of the most fun volcano science projects for kids, the wizard’s brew is a great way to have fun and explore the chemical reactions of different ingredients by making a volcano in a simple glass jar. Similar to other great summer science projects for kids, your children will love this one.

Let’s go through the list of ingredients before we move on to the instructions:

  • Baking soda

  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors

  • Glitter

  • Dish soap

  • Vinegar

  • Glass jar

  • Small containers, preferably plastic.

  • Tray


Pour vinegar into the glass jar until it is half full, then choose a liquid watercolor and add a couple of drops into the jar. Add a couple of squeezes of dish soap into your mix, stir it firmly, and then put your glass jar on the tray that you have prepared. Tell your kid to add a teaspoon of baking soda in it and stir for a bit, and foam will start to create. Keep adding baking soda and vinegar with every other color until you create a fun rainbow. It will resemble a baby toothpaste being squeezed out of the bottle.

Magnetic Boxes

A great way of teaching them magnet science projects for kids is to get a container made out of clear plastic and fill it with random metal objects like bobby pins, nuts, paper clips, or bolts. Give your kid a strong magnet, let him/her experiment the power of magnets by lifting objects without touching them. Although it is not among the top winning science fair projects, it can spark your kid’s imagination and inspire him to explore more physics.

Teach Them about Electricity

Electricity science projects for kids can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Take two balloons, inflate them, and rub them on their clothing to create static electricity.

Another great way is for everyone to take their shoes off and shuffle around on the carpets in their socks, so they can deliver a quick zap to someone.

There are tons of citizen science projects for kids that will help you explain how important it is to grasp the basics of science and how they can help other scientists do research through the science projects kits for kids.

Magical Colours

Another example of science projects kits for kids is to get three bowls from around the house, preferably made from clear glass, and add food coloring and water in them so you can experiment with the creation of colors.

It’s recommended that you start with yellow, blue, and red as they can help you get the most dramatic color changes out of them all. Tell them to combine a cup of each color in an empty bowl to see what color is going to come up

This should be more fun than data science projects, as the effect can be immediately witnessed when the colors combine.

Egg Shell Dissolving

A good example of first grade science fair projects is to get a clear container and fill it up with vinegar. After you place an egg inside of the container that was filled with vinegar, you will be able to watch together with your kid as the shell of the egg will slowly start to dissolve.

Dancing Spaghetti

After all the computer science projects that your kid has completed, it's time you do something fun in a live environment and it involves spaghetti as well; children love spaghetti. All you need is water, baking soda, clear glass, and spaghetti pieces, of course.

Mix them in the water glass and watch how the bubbles that are forming will make the spaghetti “dance”.

Marble Run

Let’s move on with some cool DIY science projects kits for kids that will require you to build a race track from whatever toilet paper rolls or paper towel you can find around the house. Release the marble balls down the track and see which one gets first to the finish line.

Dancing Balloons

This is an interactive project that can mean tons of fun because we all know that no kid will resist some hovering balloons, especially if they are shuffling inside a vortex.

As with most science projects kits for kids, tell your kid to help you and take a fan and put it on the floor, facing the ceiling, only to create a cylinder out of cardboard and installing it around the fan. Once you release the balloons, they will be kept afloat by the airflow, and your kids will absolutely like it.


It is important to use science projects kits for kids to stimulate their interest in learning new stuff, and it's the perfect time because, at that age, preschoolers are a sponge ready to absorb all the new information around them. So why not fun at the same time as learning some cool, interactive stuff about physics, colors, and other areas. What other science projects kits for kids did you use to teach your children the basic principles? Feel free to share your stories and experiments with the other parents that are eager to try this.

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Rachel Burns is a proud mother of two that works as a freelance writer for content. Among her favorite activities, in addition to weekend bowling with friends, hiking with two sons and teaching them basic camping skills, such as making a fire or setting up a tent.

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