Tuesday 31 March 2020

Moving To A Foreign Country With Kids


Moving to a foreign country is always a challenge, whether you are moving on your own or with your family. And, if you have the little ones in your family, you should be prepared that your relocation is going to be much more complicated. Now, let us see how you can prepare for moving to a foreign country with kids and how to make sure all members of your family are safe during the trip.

Kids will take the news differently

Since not all of us have the same preferences, our kids will also have various approaches to changing their homes and homeland. Naturally, their attitude will depend on their age, habits, social skills and many more factors. If we take a look at various age groups, we will notice that babies and younger toddlers will find it easier to adapt to any new situation and that also includes moving to a foreign country. The early age of their lives is reserved for learning the language (among many other skills), so they find it easy to assimilate to any new group of kids even if they do not speak the same language.


Preschoolers and schoolers will probably be less keen to change their environment, so you should not expect them to be too thrilled about not going back to their old school. When it comes to teenagers, well, you never know what to expect. Their reaction will depend on their character and many other factors.

Do not keep secrets

Moving abroad is one of the greatest life changes and you should not keep this a secret from your kids. You might think that you are protecting them by not informing them right away, but you are wrong. Your child will be even more hurt if he/she hears it from somebody else, or if they overhear you talking to a colleague or a family member. Be honest and break the news to your children as soon as you and your spouse make the decision. That will make your children feel like they have a certain amount of control over the situation.

Prepare properly

Moving should be approached as a project, and we all know that preparation is half the work done. There are many issues that you should address before moving to a foreign country; here are just some of them:

• your job - career pursuit is one of the most common reasons for moving abroad. Is your company sending you to the new destination or you should find a post by yourself? Either way, you should have this sorted out before you leave your current job. Job hunting after moving to a new country with an entire family can be way too stressful.
• kids' school - this should be one of your priorities; Your kids probably won't be excited to leave their friends and school teachers, so starting a new school where they would fit in is really a big deal for them. You should try hard to inform yourself about the schools in your future hometown. After searching online, get in contact with school officials, teachers, and parents. Bear in mind that your kids might have some difficulties fitting in, especially if you are moving mid-term.
• your future home - this is also something you shouldn't leave to chance, especially now that the entire family relies on you. If you have a friend or a colleague who lives in your future home town, ask them to help you research, share their experience and recommend the neighborhoods that you might feel comfortable with.
• moving services - international relocation is something that you can't do by yourself. You will have enough stuff on your mind, so let the professionals transport possessions with ease while you make other arrangements.


Do you have the necessary documents?

If you are moving to a far-away country, the chances are that you might need more than a passport. Some countries will require you to have a visa or some other permit for non-residents.

Don't forget about health insurance

You never know what might happen and when you will need medical assistance of some kind. That's why you should always have health insurance. Many companies from that field will offer you family packages that usually pay off. Speaking of health, don't forget to have health records of all your family members with you (hard copy or electronic version). Your new doctors and pediatricians have to be familiar with your previous medical history to make your family safer and healthier.

Take care of your health and safety on a moving day

As the entire world witnesses the Coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to change plans and do the best we can to protect ourselves, the ones we love, and our entire community. If your family relocation to another country is planned for weeks (or even months) to follow, you might even have to postpone it. Of course, it all depends on the countries you are moving from and to. Keep yourself informed and follow the recommendations from the World Health Organization. After all, the most important thing is to remain healthy and professional movers such as Four Winds KSA will understand if you have to reschedule your relocation.


Once you relocate, help your kids adapt by having a positive attitude

Whatever the reason might be for your moving to a foreign country with kids, be sure that they will copy your behavior and your attitude. For instance, you cannot expect them to make new friends after the relocation if you are not ready to socialize. They won't be ready to try new things either if you don't set the example.

Moving abroad is stressful. Help your kids relax by playing their favorite games or organizing a new home scavenger hunt. And, most importantly - be there for them and be ready to listen.


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