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Guide to Mother's Day Shipping Deadlines :  From now through April 30, 1-800-Flowers is offering 25% off Mother’s Day orders with code 25MDAY, to be delivered between  May 4 to May 10.  And with next-day and  same-day no-contact flower delivery , you can be sure it’ll arrive safely in time for her special day. Amazon :  Each individual item you shop for includes estimated delivery dates listed before and after you’ve added the product to your cart. “Delivery times may be longer than usual and our selection of items available for international shipping may be temporarily reduced,”  an Amazon statement reads . “You can find updated delivery times on the product detail page for each item, and in checkout.” Bath & Body Works :  Standard shipping specifies six to 15 business days right now. Expedited and overnight aren’t available. Bed Bath & Beyond :  Order by April 30 to get presents in time with standard shipping (free shipping on $39+). Dylan’s Candy Bar :  This sweet gifting favorite says to ensure t

Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas for All Family

It's no secret that thanks to breakfast, the metabolic processes wake up, and the digestive system starts up. A delicious and healthy breakfast is the key to a successful day. We share magic recipes that will help you stay in a good mood. Therefore, it is especially important for everyone who follows the figure. A regular breakfast helps to stabilize weight, and saves you from overeating during the day, improves tone and attention. So, what do healthy people eat for breakfast? Good morning: 10 best breakfasts for the whole family Shakshuka It is a very wholesome and hearty breakfast from the Middle East, which is usually served with pita or bread. There are many recipes for this dish, but we offer you to cook  a classic version of shakshuka : with vegetables, garlic, and fresh fragrant herbs. If you use the  best keto supplements , shakshuka can turn into a healthy keto breakfast. Traditional cheese pancakes Everyone who can't please their children in the choice of breakfast di

Benefits of Summer Activities: Reading, Camping, and Soccer for Kids

With the internet at our disposal, we had reinvented almost everything in our lives including parenting. Shaped by modernity and experience, new generation parents are upgrading the traditional child-rearing practices to a modern one ( read more ). Before, parenting is not such a fuss. You only need to provide the child’s basic needs and everything just seems to go in place over time. Well, not anymore. Parents are now becoming present and invested in their children’s lives. They provide them with the best of the best—after watching hundreds of online blog reviews. They buy organic baby food in sustainable packages, bottles undergo UV sterilization, and baby swaddles are wrapped around their tiny ones at night. As these children grow up, they are more exposed to technology ( there’s good and a  not so good) and to the unconventional family structures like single parenting and LGBTQ parents. Also, family time is given much more relevance.  Unlike before, parents are now encouraging kids

What Are The Benefits Of Trampolines And Their Ratings?

A trampoline is a device created to bounce you up and down in the air. You have probably seen many of them. Some households have them installed in their yards. You might be surprised, but even celebrities have them in their homes either for themselves or f or their kids. You see, a trampoline can be an enjoyable thing to have around in the backyard. If you want one for yourself, then you should definitely start researching the product. As you already know, there are many designs and shapes that you need to c heck out. First, you need to figure out who plans on using it. Trampolines have weight limits that you need to be aware of as well. The best thing about them is that they are the perfect combination of fun and exercising. Follow the link for more . Moreover, don’t purchase the first product you see. Make sure to check out reviews , as well as ratings on the products that catch your eye. The more you know, the

LELO presents: Top Sex Positions During Lockdown

The pandemic impacted every single facet of our lives in ways we thought impossible. Reflecting that change,  LELO  decided to illustrate the new sex positions practiced by people around the globe in the hopes of brightening your day!   1) The Modern Remake of Ghost With Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore a.k.a. The Four-Handed Sourdough Baker This position really captures the zeitgeist of 2020 and will continue to do so for a long time after this pandemic is done. Our priorities have shifted and we have started to investigate new skills necessary for survival, bread baking being the absolute top skill sought after by many. However, only the bravest and most passionate among us will dare delve into sourdough baking. That same passion is the reason why this position exists. Watching your partner kneading that dough must be one of the most erotically charged scenes ever - which is why in this position the kneading of the dough stimulates both partners, visually and physically. A note from 

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Choosing Shower Door for Small Bathroom

Most of the people consider the bathroom as one of the most vital rooms in their house, which needs to be maintained, renovated, and cleaned more often than other parts of the house. Nowadays, it is the latest in fashion to install stylish  shower door types  to give your bathroom a modern look and contemporary feel. These doors come with an elegant look that uplifts the entire bathroom’s look and turns it into a modern one.     Frameless glass shower makes your small bathroom appear more open with a modern look. Invisible glass partitions, sliding doors, frameless glass doors are a great option for your bathroom’s modernistic look. There are countless options on the market where  cheap  shower doors  are available with many contractors offering glass door services. It is prevalent to make a mistake while buying a glass or hiring a contractor for your installation work.  Fab Glass and Mirror  can create and deliver the custom showers to any specifications with promising quality .   Com