Thursday 30 April 2020

Guide to Mother's Day Shipping Deadlines From now through April 30, 1-800-Flowers is offering 25% off Mother’s Day orders with code 25MDAY, to be delivered between May 4 to May 10. And with next-day and same-day no-contact flower delivery, you can be sure it’ll arrive safely in time for her special day.

AmazonEach individual item you shop for includes estimated delivery dates listed before and after you’ve added the product to your cart. “Delivery times may be longer than usual and our selection of items available for international shipping may be temporarily reduced,” an Amazon statement reads. “You can find updated delivery times on the product detail page for each item, and in checkout.”

Bath & Body WorksStandard shipping specifies six to 15 business days right now. Expedited and overnight aren’t available.

Bed Bath & BeyondOrder by April 30 to get presents in time with standard shipping (free shipping on $39+).

Dylan’s Candy BarThis sweet gifting favorite says to ensure treats arrive by May 10, orders should be placed by April 30. But if you’re using expedited shipping, you have until May 4. Get cash back on your candy order thanks to RetailMeNot.

FTDFlower deliveries have lots of flexibility. In fact, you can order by 2 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone for delivery on the same day during weekdays. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are available in some areas for orders placed by 1 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone.

HallmarkFor standard ground shipping, order by May 4. For expedited, order by May 5. Rush delivery required order by May 6. Same-day pickup is also available at hundreds of Hallmark stores in most major metropolitan areas. You can pay online, and pick up your order in about three hours at Hallmark stores that offer same-day pickup.

Harry & DavidOrder by May 4 for standard shipping. See more-expedited options here.

LushOrder early because your purchase will take approximately 10 to 15 business days to arrive: seven business days for processing and two to eight business for shipping.

Milk BarThis popular dessert and bakery chain ships beautiful desserts to your door and is recommending to order by Thursday, May 7, to ensure arrival on Friday, May 8. Yes, that’s a little ahead of Mother’s Day. But just in case of delays! And then she can enjoy her treats all weekend long.

Minted: See the full details behind Minted’s shipping deadlines—they vary by product. For example, you need to order stationery gifts by 3 p.m. PT May 1 for standard shipping and 3 p.m. PT on May 8 for rush shipping. Photo gifts need to be ordered earlier—by 3 p.m. PT April 30 for standard shipping and 3 p.m. PT on May 7 for rush shipping.

ShutterflyFor economy and standard shipping, order by May 3 for most books, cards and gifts. Rush delivery requires ordering by May 5. See more shipping guidelines.

The Sill: Order before May 3 to get your leafy items delivered by Mother’s Day.

UPS: You need to ship by May 1 for UPS Ground or May 5–6 for UPS 3 Day Select. See more dates and expedited options for delivery by Friday, May 8, or Saturday, May 9.

USPSThe United States Postal Service says its “goal continues to be to move packages as expeditiously as possible,” but some shipping times have changed. In an April 17 statement, the USPS said the Priority Mail Express service, which guarantees overnight service, will not change. “Service commitments for local 1-day Priority Mail will not change,” the site says. “Priority Mail’s two- and three-day service commitments now will be extended to three and four days, respectively.”

UrbanStemsThe cutoff for delivery is Friday, May 8, at 2 p.m. for May 9 delivery, and it offers next-day shipping to all areas including New York. Get cash back on your flowers thanks to RetailMeNot.

Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas for All Family

It's no secret that thanks to breakfast, the metabolic processes wake up, and the digestive system starts up. A delicious and healthy breakfast is the key to a successful day. We share magic recipes that will help you stay in a good mood.

Therefore, it is especially important for everyone who follows the figure. A regular breakfast helps to stabilize weight, and saves you from overeating during the day, improves tone and attention. So, what do healthy people eat for breakfast?

Variety of Cooked Dishes

Good morning: 10 best breakfasts for the whole family


It is a very wholesome and hearty breakfast from the Middle East, which is usually served with pita or bread. There are many recipes for this dish, but we offer you to cook a classic version of shakshuka: with vegetables, garlic, and fresh fragrant herbs. If you use the best keto supplements, shakshuka can turn into a healthy keto breakfast.

Traditional cheese pancakes

Everyone who can't please their children in the choice of breakfast dishes is recommended to cook cottage cheese pancakes in the morning. Kids often do not like this useful product and eat reluctantly, but curd desserts and sweet cakes are simply adored.

Pancakes with egg, ham, and ricotta

Pancakes are not necessarily a sweet breakfast. Start your morning with pancakes in French. To make them crispy, use buckwheat flour.

Pancake With Sliced Strawberry

Omelet with broccoli and herbs

A tender omelet is a great idea for breakfast. We love to cook it with broccoli and herbs: this way, it turns out to be not only satisfying but also very useful and original. To make the omelet light and airy, cook it over low heat and cover the pan a few minutes before cooking. It is one of the healthy low-carb breakfast ideas.

Lemon fritters with chia and poppy seeds

This recipe will be appreciated by the adherents of healthy nutrition and lovers of superfoods. Chia seeds are rich in vitamins, beneficial fatty acids, and fiber.

Toasts with avocado and poached egg

Toast with avocado and egg is perhaps the most satisfying breakfast in our selection. This recipe has it all: slow healthy carbohydrates and fiber, good fats, and healthy breakfast foods with protein.

Pastry and Boiled Egg on Plate

Delicate lemon pancakes with honey and blueberries

These fragrant lemon pancakes are perfect for a healthy breakfast. The advantages of this dish are original citrus notes and airy consistency.

Oatmeal with raisins, apple, and cinnamon

In the finished oatmeal, add raisins presoaked for 5 minutes, diced apple, and a spoonful of cream on each plate. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Sandwiches with fish and cream cheese

Dry the slices of bread in the toaster, grease them with soft cream cheese mixed with finely chopped green onions and a drop of lemon juice, put on top a slice of slightly salted pink salmon or other fish. Enjoy it!

Warm shrimp salad with avocado

Fry the shrimps, put them in a salad bowl together with peeled and sliced ​​avocados, season with olive oil mixed with soy sauce and lemon juice.


Even our mood depends on breakfast. Do you agree that it is much more pleasant to start every new day with original dishes than with fresh oatmeal or a boring omelet? It also applies to children. If you cook them a special breakfast, they will be in the mood for a positive wave in the morning and will be much more willing to pack up for school.

The warm season is the most ideal to start eating right. Fresh vegetables and fruits have excellent taste and are also very useful. What healthy breakfasts do you prepare for the whole family?

Author's bio: Hi, my name is Daniel Torres and I’m a fitness coach and blogger. Sport has been my life for 15 years! I like to help people lose weight and become beautiful and healthy. Therefore, I have a blog where I share important and useful information which everyone can use.

Benefits of Summer Activities: Reading, Camping, and Soccer for Kids

With the internet at our disposal, we had reinvented almost everything in our lives including parenting. Shaped by modernity and experience, new generation parents are upgrading the traditional child-rearing practices to a modern one (read more). Before, parenting is not such a fuss. You only need to provide the child’s basic needs and everything just seems to go in place over time. Well, not anymore.

Parents are now becoming present and invested in their children’s lives. They provide them with the best of the best—after watching hundreds of online blog reviews. They buy organic baby food in sustainable packages, bottles undergo UV sterilization, and baby swaddles are wrapped around their tiny ones at night.

As these children grow up, they are more exposed to technology (there’s good and a not so good) and to the unconventional family structures like single parenting and LGBTQ parents. Also, family time is given much more relevance. 

Unlike before, parents are now encouraging kids to talk about their feelings and how to express emotions. Instead of the good old spanking, parents are using the power of words to teach kids life-long lessons. Another trend in modern parenting is encouraging kids to enroll in summer camps and classes.

Summer is a great time to pry children away from school pressure or the screens of their IPad. Every summer, hundreds of parents send their kids to summer camps, day activities, and sports classes. They enroll them in kids soccer classes, baking programs, swimming lessons, and a bunch of other activities.

Here are 6 kiddie benefits of joining extracurricular activities during the summer (or any time of the year).

1.  Discovery of talent and interest

Different kids require different kinds of teaching methods. There is no one-size-fits-all in terms of education. Unfortunately, most educational systems only focus on the academe i.e. memorization, word knowledge, and problem-solving. Sometimes, the four walls of a classroom are not enough to bring out the creativity and artistry of kids.

Enrolling them in different kinds of classes or camps allows them to explore and discover their interests in an environment where there is no pressure. Kids will be more comfortable in trying out new things in a less restrictive setting, away from adult expectations and rules.

Human talent and ability have a diverse set of categories. It is not only the typical singing and dancing type that we are aware of. It also includes self-management, personal resilience, and leadership.

2.  Acquire lifelong skills

Camps and classes consist of several kinds of activities. In sports, a child learns how to work, function, and communicate within a team. There are outdoor activities like mazes and obstacles where a child’s decision-making and leadership skills are honed. There are also activities like cooking, poem writing, and theater acting.

These various recreations encourage kids to learn and develop skills that they can use in the real world. Learning, when incorporated with fun, is a great way to instill life lessons into their young minds.

3.  Social interaction

As children learn how to work in teams and value individual differences, they are also building new friendships that can last a lifetime.

Camps and summer classes are filled with new people that are unlabeled and uncategorized by social and school standards. Kids can meet like-minded peers and develop a sense of camaraderie from there. Meeting new people and widening their circle of friends is also a good way to enhance their social and communication skills.

4.  Personal development

Recreational activities not only improve a child’s physical health. It also enhances their mental, social, and psychological well-being.

It stimulates their sense of independence, especially during overnight camps. It stimulates their minds to decide on their own, manages their time, and take responsibility.

Taking summer classes also helps them build their confidence and self-esteem ( They are taught to put in the effort and hard work to achieve an important task. May it be in fishing, painting, or soccer, achieving something is an ingredient to build-up competence and confidence.

It also teaches them the art of accepting failure and disappointments. They will learn that winning is not the goal. What’s important is that you went out there and kept trying. After all, the journey is more important than the destination itself.

5.  Nurtures personal growth

Being able to be creative and express yourself in an environment that is free of judgment has a huge impact on a child’s life. It may not be evident now but as they grow older, they will eventually develop a greater sense of purpose. It will become essential when they mature and enter the real world.

The nurturing environment that summer camps and classes provide allows a person to grow in a healthy way. Through this, there will be a great inclination to become a better human being while making a positive impact on society.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Trampolines And Their Ratings?

A trampoline is a device created to bounce you up and down in the air. You have probably seen many of them. Some households have them installed in their yards. You might be surprised, but even celebrities have them in their homes either for themselves or for their kids. You see, a trampoline can be an enjoyable thing to have around in the backyard.
If you want one for yourself, then you should definitely start researching the product. As you already know, there are many designs and shapes that you need to check out. First, you need to figure out who plans on using it. Trampolines have weight limits that you need to be aware of as well. The best thing about them is that they are the perfect combination of fun and exercising. Follow the link for more
Moreover, don’t purchase the first product you see. Make sure to check out reviews, as well as ratings on the products that catch your eye. The more you know, the faster you’ll make your decision. Here are a couple of reasons why you should definitely install a trampoline in your yard:
Great way to eliminate stress
Sometimes our minds can get cluttered with negative energy and stress. You’ll need a way to eliminate all of that negative energy by doing something productive. Jumping up and down on a trampoline can provide an enormous benefit. You will be less focused on the stress and frustration, and more on the activity. Plus, bouncing releases a rush of endorphins. Click on the link for more.
Moreover, even your kids can get angry and frustrated over something banal. To increase their spirit and make them less angry, you should also encourage them to jump on a trampoline. They will get better instantly. This type of device is primarily a course of entertainment for your children, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun either.
Low-impact physical activity
Not everyone has the time to visit gyms and stay fit. As you get older, you’ll realize that more and more responsibilities will prevent you from relaxing and enjoying a particular hobby. However, you don’t necessarily have to visit a gym to stay active. Jumping on a trampoline is the perfect combination of low-impact physical exercise and fun. No one can say no to a trampoline.
It is excellent for improving bone density and strengthening muscles on the lower part of the body. This can also affect your kids even if they don't care about staying active for muscle development. They are in it for fun. But, as an adult, it is advisable that you do some kind of activity to feel better and to keep obtaining a slimmer physique. This activity can get you sweaty, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it. Selecting the top trampoline for your home depends on how many positive reviews and ratings you’ve checked out.
As you can see, choosing the right device plays a huge role in this. If your whole family wants to use it, make sure to purchase a family size one. The device will be able to support all of you and provide entertainment and fun.
Distraction from your kids
Raising kids is no picnic. They constantly have to be looked after. However, at some point during the day, you would want to sit to watch a movie, nap, or just relax. That won't be possible with your kids running around the house, asking for your attention.
Therefore, a great way to keep their minds focused on something else would be to purchase them a trampoline. Once they see it, they won't be able to tear themselves from it. There's not a single child in the world that doesn't like a trampoline. Once they start jumping, you can begin the relaxation process.
Long-term source of fun
Purchasing a trampoline is a smart choice. It is a durable device that will last your entire family for a long time. However, you should check whether you have enough room in your yard to place it in. If you do, then nothing is stopping you from providing your loved ones with a long-term source of entertainment. Your kids will definitely love you more for that.

LELO presents: Top Sex Positions During Lockdown

The pandemic impacted every single facet of our lives in ways we thought impossible. Reflecting that change, LELO decided to illustrate the new sex positions practiced by people around the globe in the hopes of brightening your day!

1) The Modern Remake of Ghost With Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore a.k.a. The Four-Handed Sourdough Baker

This position really captures the zeitgeist of 2020 and will continue to do so for a long time after this pandemic is done. Our priorities have shifted and we have started to investigate new skills necessary for survival, bread baking being the absolute top skill sought after by many. However, only the bravest and most passionate among us will dare delve into sourdough baking. That same passion is the reason why this position exists. Watching your partner kneading that dough must be one of the most erotically charged scenes ever - which is why in this position the kneading of the dough stimulates both partners, visually and physically. A note from LELO to all the four-handed bakers out there: once you're finished, make sure that you two are the only ones partaking in that delicious loaf of love because hygiene.

2) Getting Solid Growth Projections a.k.a. Peaches and Aubergines Between Google Sheets

Self-isolating with a partner cannot be easy. We won't even get into the relationship part of it all. This position came to be after LELO got word of several cases where partners tended to make their other halves' lives nigh impossible during their home office hours. One of the contributors to this list of positions described this pose as “I'm sitting on the couch doing growth projections in the light of recent market developments and my eyes keep wandering to where my partner is bending over repeatedly in an effort to give me a solid growth projection.” Another confessed this is their favorite new position because it makes them more productive at work - something like the carrot and stick situation, translated into modern circumstances, so peaches and aubergines between Google sheets? She says she's never been so efficient at her job as she is when her girlfriend is waving her bum in front of her face. Home office 1, regular office 0.

3) Being One Moan Away From Unemployed a.k.a. Zoom Head

Perfect for all thrill-seekers, this position has been hailed by LELO as the worthy (and much safer) replacement for road head. When talking about safety concerns, road head is a very edgy predecessor to this position, but Zoom head is also no joke. The recipient will have to practice their poker face and reflexes - they will need to rest their finger on the trigger (read: mute button) and be ready to pull at the first notion of a slurp...or a moan. Here's your challenge for today - try moaning with a straight face, and once you've done that, switch positions with your partner and try giving totally quiet oral sex. If by some miracle you've pulled off both, congrats, you're not a human being.

4) Our Pet Is a Social Sciences Ph.D. Candidate a.k.a. The Reluctant Threesome

LELO is close to briefing their copywriters to create a script for a new rendition of The Secret Life of Pets following their humans' extended stay at home… the stories these good boys and girls could tell us would surely blow our collective human minds. Many a creator has tried delving into our pets' thoughts and they did it with gusto, but now we're facing the risk of discovering the naked truth - what do they think of us when we're having sex? We're not ready for this. LELO has received reports of pets scrutinizing their owners' moves using the empirical research method of close observation. So close, in fact, that it almost feels like a (very reluctant) threesome. It's a skeevy thought to have, but what to say about the position where your pet keeps pushing their head on your bed while you're doing your business?

5) So Bored I Got Horny a.k.a. The One-Armed Browser

In the initial days of the work from home period, we got off on creating perfect little home office nooks in order to a) have a pleasant work environment and b) obtain Instagram bragging rights. As the days slowed and then ground to a halt, LELO received reports of more and more individuals deciding to stay in bed and do their work from there. Why not? It's comfy and way more convenient when you decide to binge on Netflix instead of writing up that report. There seems to be only one tiny productivity issue in the way of turning your bed into your permanent home office. The infamous Bored Horny. Capital letters and all. LELO's reports continue to corroborate the fact that people get horny when they're bored and the self-isolating individuals have reported developing something akin to carpal tunnel syndrome from the one-armed browsing on their phones and laptops. This position is perfect for absolutely everyone, but you must take care to rest your browsing hand frequently.

6) Disenchanted Deep Meditative State Seekers a.k.a. IDGAF, I'll Masturbate Instead

The internet is brimming with advice on how to achieve your inner peace and become your best mindful self during these strange and unsettling times. However, not of all that advice is a one size fits all situation. Several individuals have reported to LELO that they have done their absolute best to give meditation a shot, but no matter how they tried, the pesky pandemic got in the way. The only thing they managed to find in their search for the deep meditative state was frustration. Apparently, the best method for relieving stress and venting frustration in a lockdown? Masturbation. In the case LELO didn't get the hint from their skyrocketing sales figures, they certainly got it when their customers flooded the brand's customer care unit with questions about the best LELO toy with the longest battery life. We can totally get behind that.

We hope you had fun exploring and experimenting with LELO's revamped sex positions. Make sure to always practice safe consensual sex and stay home!

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Choosing Shower Door for Small Bathroom

Most of the people consider the bathroom as one of the most vital rooms in their house, which needs to be maintained, renovated, and cleaned more often than other parts of the house. Nowadays, it is the latest in fashion to install stylish shower door types to give your bathroom a modern look and contemporary feel. These doors come with an elegant look that uplifts the entire bathroom’s look and turns it into a modern one.  


Frameless glass shower makes your small bathroom appear more open with a modern look. Invisible glass partitions, sliding doors, frameless glass doors are a great option for your bathroom’s modernistic look. There are countless options on the market where cheap shower doors are available with many contractors offering glass door services. It is prevalent to make a mistake while buying a glass or hiring a contractor for your installation work. Fab Glass and Mirror can create and deliver the custom showers to any specifications with promising quality.


Common Mistakes People Make 


People usually make mistakes while getting the installation done or when hiring a contractor to get their work done. 

Saving Money

It is not wrong to save money, everyone wants that, but it is not a wise way to save money by compromising on the quality and stability of a glass door. 

Hiring a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor who is suitable for the job is also very importantGlass quality and durability are as important as a suitable contractor. If you select a non-certified, inexperienced contractor, you might end up getting a massive loss in the form of money or a product. 

Glass Screen

The third mistake is choosing the wrong type of glass screen according to your bathroom. 

Quality of Glass

The fourth mistake is choosing thin and weak quality cheap glass. 

Choosing Frames

The fifth is choosing frames that are unsuitable for your bathroom.


Several types of glass are used in glass door showers. 

Now we have so many options to choose from, for example, different patterns, colors, glass types, and some shower door glass types are:


1. Clear Glass

Clear glass is commonly used for showers. It has high clarity with light greenish effect, is easy to clean and maintain.


2. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is made by acid engraving on regular glass. It has a unique, smooth cloudy appearance. Only one side of the glass is engraved, leaving the other one smooth for cleaning and drying quickly.


3.  Low-Iron Glass/ HD Glass

A more refined form of glass with a little greenish tint that gives extra clarity. The colorless appearance which shows clear and bright colors from outside of the shower.


4. Bronze Glass

Bronze glass gives a bit coppery colored look to the shower. This glass holds some privacy factor because of its colors; this can be a unique choice for your shower glass.


5. Rain Glass

This glass comes with a beautiful grain pattern on it, which gives a more pleasing look. It is ideal for saving your glass from fingerprints, watermarks, and other petty stains. 


6. Polar Glass

It is a regular glass that has textures on one side. It has an ice-like look, and it provides more privacy than other textured glass. It is related to frosted glass.


7. Gray Glass

Gray theme bathrooms are in fashion these days. Grey shower glass presents a smokey tinted look with a privacy factor and unique look for your bathroom.


Some Common Types of Shower Doors:


1. Frameless doors must be made of thick glass because they have no supporting frame. If your bathroom space is small, choosing a clear frameless glass gives you an impression of a more extensive area and a luxury modernistic look. 


2. Bi-Fold shower doors are the best solution for bathrooms with limited space like corner bathrooms. These doors come with feature panels that fold inside the shower, which helps you to utilize your bathroom space as much as possible. 


3. The curved glass shower is the best solution for limited space; if you want to create a walk-in shower in a corner, a curved or arched shape glass door gives the feeling of a large area and modern design.


4. Bypass shower doors are like sliding patio doors. These doors can be positioned as a part of tub addition. These Bypass doors are space-saving; they don’t require a lot of space to open.


5. Sliding, pivot, and hinged doors can be positioned without a tub. Another option is round-shaped or neo-angle shower doors, which are used with standalone showers.


These doors are not just the best practical solutions for small-sized washrooms, but also somewhat inexpensive. 



Last Words 


We need to avoid the common mistakes that people make while choosing glass shower doors. Time to say bye to bulky, metal-framed old fashioned showers. Glass shower doors are a vital part of your bathroom furnishing. Frameless shower doors can be customized to any shape or size with a variety of designs, colors, and glass types. Fab Glass and Mirror would love to assist you in creating modernistic frameless shower doors.