Tuesday 28 April 2020

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Choosing Shower Door for Small Bathroom

Most of the people consider the bathroom as one of the most vital rooms in their house, which needs to be maintained, renovated, and cleaned more often than other parts of the house. Nowadays, it is the latest in fashion to install stylish shower door types to give your bathroom a modern look and contemporary feel. These doors come with an elegant look that uplifts the entire bathroom’s look and turns it into a modern one.  


Frameless glass shower makes your small bathroom appear more open with a modern look. Invisible glass partitions, sliding doors, frameless glass doors are a great option for your bathroom’s modernistic look. There are countless options on the market where cheap shower doors are available with many contractors offering glass door services. It is prevalent to make a mistake while buying a glass or hiring a contractor for your installation work. Fab Glass and Mirror can create and deliver the custom showers to any specifications with promising quality.


Common Mistakes People Make 


People usually make mistakes while getting the installation done or when hiring a contractor to get their work done. 

Saving Money

It is not wrong to save money, everyone wants that, but it is not a wise way to save money by compromising on the quality and stability of a glass door. 

Hiring a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor who is suitable for the job is also very importantGlass quality and durability are as important as a suitable contractor. If you select a non-certified, inexperienced contractor, you might end up getting a massive loss in the form of money or a product. 

Glass Screen

The third mistake is choosing the wrong type of glass screen according to your bathroom. 

Quality of Glass

The fourth mistake is choosing thin and weak quality cheap glass. 

Choosing Frames

The fifth is choosing frames that are unsuitable for your bathroom.


Several types of glass are used in glass door showers. 

Now we have so many options to choose from, for example, different patterns, colors, glass types, and some shower door glass types are:


1. Clear Glass

Clear glass is commonly used for showers. It has high clarity with light greenish effect, is easy to clean and maintain.


2. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is made by acid engraving on regular glass. It has a unique, smooth cloudy appearance. Only one side of the glass is engraved, leaving the other one smooth for cleaning and drying quickly.


3.  Low-Iron Glass/ HD Glass

A more refined form of glass with a little greenish tint that gives extra clarity. The colorless appearance which shows clear and bright colors from outside of the shower.


4. Bronze Glass

Bronze glass gives a bit coppery colored look to the shower. This glass holds some privacy factor because of its colors; this can be a unique choice for your shower glass.


5. Rain Glass

This glass comes with a beautiful grain pattern on it, which gives a more pleasing look. It is ideal for saving your glass from fingerprints, watermarks, and other petty stains. 


6. Polar Glass

It is a regular glass that has textures on one side. It has an ice-like look, and it provides more privacy than other textured glass. It is related to frosted glass.


7. Gray Glass

Gray theme bathrooms are in fashion these days. Grey shower glass presents a smokey tinted look with a privacy factor and unique look for your bathroom.


Some Common Types of Shower Doors:


1. Frameless doors must be made of thick glass because they have no supporting frame. If your bathroom space is small, choosing a clear frameless glass gives you an impression of a more extensive area and a luxury modernistic look. 


2. Bi-Fold shower doors are the best solution for bathrooms with limited space like corner bathrooms. These doors come with feature panels that fold inside the shower, which helps you to utilize your bathroom space as much as possible. 


3. The curved glass shower is the best solution for limited space; if you want to create a walk-in shower in a corner, a curved or arched shape glass door gives the feeling of a large area and modern design.


4. Bypass shower doors are like sliding patio doors. These doors can be positioned as a part of tub addition. These Bypass doors are space-saving; they don’t require a lot of space to open.


5. Sliding, pivot, and hinged doors can be positioned without a tub. Another option is round-shaped or neo-angle shower doors, which are used with standalone showers.


These doors are not just the best practical solutions for small-sized washrooms, but also somewhat inexpensive. 



Last Words 


We need to avoid the common mistakes that people make while choosing glass shower doors. Time to say bye to bulky, metal-framed old fashioned showers. Glass shower doors are a vital part of your bathroom furnishing. Frameless shower doors can be customized to any shape or size with a variety of designs, colors, and glass types. Fab Glass and Mirror would love to assist you in creating modernistic frameless shower doors.

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