Wednesday 15 April 2020


No wonder, health is wealth. We want to be healthy, and we make efforts to maintain our health. Health itself is an umbrella term that involves not only physical health but also underpins the mental and social well-being of a person. Being healthy requires an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits. When people think of getting fit, the first thing that pops in our mind is going to the gym and sweat ourselves out. We indulge ourselves in rigorous exercises while we forget the natural and sweat-free ways of being healthy. 

Being an adult, we must know the ways to maintain our health and well-being. We are more inclined towards eating junk food and frozen products, which take us away from nutrients rich diet. Obesity and diabetes are taking a spike in the number of cases reported. They both are pretty much dependent on the food we consume and our ability to cope up with stress. If we are following healthy and living a sedentary lifestyle, the food will instead pile up in the form of fats, and our metabolism will go slow.

People dealing with food and nutrition always say that it is necessary to maintain a balance between diet and physical activity. When it comes to physical activity or workout routine, we should get first aid training as well to cope with any minor injury during the exercise. It also comes under the realm of personal health and care.

Here are a few tips that can assist you in boosting your overall health with little effort.

1.   Food choices
What we eat is closely linked to how healthy we will be. Our body requires a balanced amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Following a steady diet habit can prevent and reduces the chances of getting diseases like cardiac arrest, stroke, and diabetes. Fibers are essential in facilitating the digestion of our food. Vitamins boost our immunity, strengthen our bones, and maintain the chemical balance of the body. So, you must include all these elements in your diet.

2.   Get moving
If you are following the monotonous routine of going to work and getting back home, now is the time to move a bit and go for a walk. You can fix a schedule for a morning walk, or you can walk once you are back from work. Walking helps with releasing stress and keeping your body active. Forty minutes of walking or running will help you maintain your calorie balance; also, it will release enough cortisol hormone to bust your physical and mental strain. Exercising helps to treat depression, osteoporosis, and blood pressure.

3.   Stay hydrated
The human body is composed of seventy percent of water. Water is a lifeline not only for fish but for us as well. Water helps our joints to stay lubricated; it refreshes our skin and provides a cushion to the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues of our body. One of the most crucial roles of water is to maintain our body temperature. People who have less water intake are often less tolerant of heat strain. It can be a struggle to drink enough water to stay sufficiently hydrated, leading many to turn to IV fluids for dehydration. Hydration IV therapy not only delivers fluids to the body, but also helps replenish electrolytes, ensuring your body is properly hydrated throughout hot summer months.

4.   Enough sleep
For good health and well-being, sleep plays a vital role. Getting enough sleep with the right timings can help with sound mental health and better brain function.
Sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of concentration, and it also affects our cognition. Eight hours of sleep is mandatory for every adult individual to support a healthy brain function. Sleep deprivation results in weight gain, mood irritability, and feeling heavy-headed all day long.

5.   Skin Protection
As much as we want to maintain our body, let us not forget that our skin is a significant part of it.  If you are an outdoor worker in some field or open area, you are more exposed to sunlight than a person working in an office. It is better to use some sunscreen protection. People who face the sun for long hours are not only prone to skin burns, but they are also at risk of developing melanoma.

6.   Mental peace
If you are fit physically and disturbed mentally, then you cannot be called a healthy being. Physical and psychological health are co-dependent on each other. Our daily routines can be stressful as we exhaust our mind and body both.

To experience mental peace, we will suggest you take some time out of your busy routine to meditate, read a book, sit in silence, and reflect on your day. If you are still having issues in maintaining your mental health, it is never too late to seek help. Book your slot with a therapist and see what he or she can present to you to find back your peace. Reading books can also help to boost your brain function and thought process.

7.   Dental hygiene
The first thing someone notices in our appearance is our smile. We don’t like to sit next to a person having halitosis or bad breath. Imagine if the same happens to you. Oral health is also vital as the digestion of our food starts with our mouth. Having scheduled visits to your dentist once or twice a month will help you maintain your oral health.

Good oral hygiene will prevent early tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and any cavities. Preventive care is always better than going into emergency care with excruciating pain in our gums and teeth.

We all have heard, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. A few simple steps can have a more significant impact on the long run of our health and wellness. If we develop healthy habits of looking after ourselves, it will not only reduce our frequent visits to the doctor. It will also prevent us from the risk of getting a serious illness. Having healthy social relationships also let us live longer, and increases our self-esteem. Living healthy does not mean following a strict diet schedule, but it also requires maintaining a balance between our work and relations. 

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