Tuesday 14 April 2020


Do you know footwear reflects your personality? Many people believe in this, due to which they don’t mind investing in trending and exclusive pieces. Honestly, the right pair of shoes or heels can elevate the look of any outfit.  You can make style statements, whether you are heading to a party or a casual lunch. So, how about you get your hands on some trendy shoes?
Indeed, the trends are changing with the blink of an eye, but some shoes never go out of fashion. Do you remember the very famous ‘superstars’ by Adidas? Therefore, coughing up money on such exclusive pieces is never a bad idea. However, before making your mind, look below to see the top 10 trends in fashion shoes.

1.  Cowboy Boots

After the cowboy hats, the fashion industry is welcoming cowboy shoes. These have a unique design than traditional boots. They have a pointy edge and tiny heels. Usually, you can find them in black and white colors, giving the cowboy style. As far as the length is concerned, you can opt for knee-length to ankle-length ones. Besides, they look perfect with every outfit. You can flash these while wearing high-waist denim or shorts. However, for outfit inspiration, you can always look up to celebs.

2.  White Sneakers

Have you grabbed your pair of white sneakers yet? These sneakers have become a style statement now. People have been seen wearing these with almost every outfit – dresses, shorts, denim. You might think they all look the same, but they are available in different designs and styles. You explore your options by looking for online shoes in Australia. However, if you think they are too simple for you, then grab those chunky designs and styles. About their comfort level, they all are made from breathable material and are lightweight to provide maximum comfort level.

3.  Straight Leg Boots

Some women find it quite difficult to walk in traditional boots. After all, they are not just very skin-tight; they also make the feet sweaty. Hence, the new trend is straight leg boots, offering easy and convenient footwear. They vary in lengths, but the knee-length ones are everyone’s favorite. It allows you to wear it with any dress or jeans, for informal and formal occasions both.  Also, in winter, there is no better option than straight leg boots to keep you warm and in style at the same time.

4.  Chain Heels

Although straps haven’t gotten out of fashion, the trend of chains has taken the fashion industry by a storm. People love the concept of chain heels, where instead of straps, you have to tie a chain to your ankle. It is more like formal footwear but looks fascinating when paired with a cocktail dress or solid jumpsuit. You have many designs to choose from since almost every brand is offering chain heels.

5.  Sandals with Straps

Summers are around the corner, asking for a wardrobe touch up. Catch a glance of your footwear collection to see what you have for summers. Those traditional flipflops and sandals are of no good now; instead, it is time for some flat sandals with thick straps. You must have seen celebs flaunting these with knee-length dresses. They are for casual wear, but with a semi-formal touch, allowing you to flaunt it anywhere you want. According to the trends, it is preferable to wear them with socks, making some serious style statements.

6.  Army Boots

Have you seen celebs flaunting those black combat boots? Well, these army-styled boots are very trending these days. People are making some impeccable style statements while pairing these boots with anything. You can pull it off with casual jeans or a fancy jumpsuit. These have made a comeback from the 90s, and people are pairing it up boot pants and coats to give an antique touch. Honestly, these shoes are very tough, and you can wear these while camping or even hiking.

7.  Leather Pumps

Leather is never going out of fashion since people can’t stop obsessing over it. Hence, the invention of leather pumps is another addition to their shoe collection. Women having confusion in selecting the right pair of shoes to work, have to cash in on leather pumps. Alongside having a luxurious look, they are very comfortable for the feet, allowing you to run errands in the office.
Leather is made from a breathable material, allowing the air to pass through. Hence, you can say goodbye to the bad smell coming from your pumps. Usually, women are skeptical about investing in leather pumps due to the attached price tag, but the quality of leather pumps is worth every penny.

8.  Square Toe Loafers

All those women looking for formal boots can checkout square toe loafers. These provide perfect formal footwear that you can wear to offices and meetings. It doesn’t have a pointy edge; hence, as the name suggests, it is square-shaped. Most of the designs don’t have heels, allowing you to walk freely with comfort. There are a few designs with heels, but no longer than 2 inches. So, if you want to make some style statements in your office, then don’t miss out on these.

9.  Ornate Heels

Don’t you think those pencil heels look boring now? Most women are tired of pencil and block heels due to which they are welcoming orate heels. These have unique heel designs with some rich details at the back of the shoe. Many brands have come up with their own collection of these heels. You can explore and look around to see what suits you the best. After all, some people go after those dazzling and sparkling ornate heels while others like getting delicate and simple ones.

10.             Asymmetric Straps

People started getting bored with horizontal and vertical straps due to which designers decided to play with them. These days the heels with asymmetric straps are doing rounds on the internet. These straps are placed diagonally on the shoes with a mixture of thick and thin layers, looking exclusive. So, if you are looking for formal footwear, then these heels with asymmetric straps would be a great choice.

Wrap Up

People who are willing to invest in footwear usually like chasing trends. Because fashion is changing every day, but some trends stick for a long time. With so many options, it can become confusing, but if you can’t decide, look above to see the top 10 trends in fashion shoes.

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