Wednesday 15 April 2020

Inexpensive Ways to Get Your House Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here, but with the COVID-19 crisis keeping everyone indoors it can be hard to embrace the season to the fullest. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to bring summer indoors, too.
From plants to patio updates, here are some budget-friendly tips you can use to get your home ready for the hottest season of the year and to bring the joy of summer into your home.

Swap out your throw pillows

According to Houzz, up to 58% of homeowners renovated their homes in 2017 with a median spend of $15,000. Fortunately, you don't need to spend that much to instantly boost the mood of your home. Simply swap out the heavy throw pillows you've been using all winter for a set with bright hues and happy prints. Nothing says summer more than bold, lively shades.

Bring in the greenery

During your bi-weekly grocery shopping, consider picking up a few plants from your local store. Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and they offer plenty of benefits including improved air quality and better work productivity. Adding some greenery around your home will also help to liven up your space during these trying times.

Clean up your air conditioner

Your local HVAC service may not be open. But you can still get your air conditioner ready for the warmer weather. Clear away any dust you can find and replace the filters regularly. The average household in the U.S. releases about two tons of carbon dioxide annually from their air conditioners, so it's important to keep your AC serviced. Regular maintenance also ensures that your electric bill stays on the lower side.

Prep your outdoor space

Even if your outdoor area isn't very big, you can make a big impact just by adding a spot to sit and relax. Consider switching out your outdoor rug for something more vibrant or bringing in a small, colorful dining set to brighten up your balcony. You can usually find small, steel outdoor dining sets for $200 or cheaper, and 40% of steel is made with recycled metal so you can feel confident knowing your purchase is eco-friendly. Adding a little dining area to your outdoor patio or balcony can add a little pizzazz during those summer cookouts.
With the world on pause during the COVID-19 crisis, summer's slow approach may not bring as much joy as it did last year. But by bringing summer inside and sprucing up your space, you can be sure to enjoy the season.

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