Thursday 16 April 2020

Seashell Identification Cards For A Trip To The Beach

While we’re all spending some more time indoors with our families during this time, you’re likely looking for fun activities to keep the kids entertained. The trick is finding a free, fun activity that also keeps your kids curious to learn new things. 

With summer quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to learn about marine life! There are hundreds of thousands of sea creatures that make shells, and each one is unique. If you can’t get out to the beach right now, the next best thing is these printable seashell identification flashcards.

On one side of the card will be a picture of a seashell. On the other side your kids will learn what animal the shell belongs to, its scientific name and class, and a fun fact. Your kids can use these flashcards to become seashell experts. The next time you take a beach vacation, looking for shells will be a breeze! 

You can download the printable flashcards here.

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