3 Creative Ways to Make Money Without Leaving Your House

With the COVID-19 crisis leaving many of us furloughed, fired, or with shorter working hours, many of us could use some extra money right now. But making extra cash safely in the middle of a pandemic isn't easy. Even essential workers, who represent 34% of the country's 162 million workers, will soon be losing their hazard pay.
No one knows how long it'll be before the economy can safely reopen. Many countries who have reopened in the past week have just as quickly shut their doors again. But there are still ways you can make money through distanced work.
Here are a few creative ways you can make money from the safety of your home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sell your stuff with contactless shipping

Believe it or not, many people are still selling things online during the COVID-19 crisis. This can be done safely if you're mailing items, wiping them down with effective disinfecting wipes, or spraying them with disinfectant. If you're buying clothing, make sure to wash the clothes immediately and wash your hands after handling them.
If you have unused tech items, consider selling them on a site like Decluttr, which has contactless shipping. While you could sell a Macbook Pro to a pawn shop for $248 on average, it's not recommended to visit stores in person even when they reopen.

Write for content marketing teams

E-commerce is thriving right now as more Americans are online shopping than ever before. Traditionally, marketing efforts relied on four different channels to connect with customers: print, mail, TV, and phone. But now that digital marketing is king, a greater number of businesses are working hard to get their content marketing and SEO in shape to drive traffic to their websites.
That's where you come in. With companies focusing their efforts on content marketing, you can offer them your writing skills to meet those needs. Look for contract writing gigs or online magazines that take submissions from writers (with payment, of course).

Teach a skill online

With more people spending time indoors and looking to take on new hobbies to pass the time, you have the opportunity to make money by sharing your skills in an online class on websites like Skillshare.
First-time teachers make an average of $200 in their first month on Skillshare. But it's worth noting that, to receive a payment for the month, you need to get a minimum total of 30 Premium minutes-watched across all of your classes that month.

Know your options for aid

It's challenging to hustle right now to make extra money. If you're in dire straits, make sure that you know what your aid options are. The U.S. government recently instituted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. The CARES Act is meant to provide 100% federal funding to states to provide 13 weeks of Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation to those who need it.
Check to see if you qualify for these benefits. If you do, apply through your state program and indicate on the form that you've been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

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