Friday 15 May 2020

Ways Millennial Moms Can Improve Their Health

Though millennial moms may love green juice and spin classes, their health falls flat when compared to others. Without change, they could experience a mortality rate that's much higher than the previous generation. Therefore, millennials need to take action so that they can protect their wellness – both physically and mentally.

Here are a few impactful solutions.

1. Spend Less on Entertainment

Millennial moms learned how to navigate technology as teenagers and young adults. These days, social media, plus the internet as a whole, remains a crucial tool for people around the world. Unfortunately, too much screen time can eat into our health. It also doesn't help that these services cost money. That's why it's necessary to spend less effort and cash on entertainment.

As a result of too much consumption, adults may become increasingly depressed down the line. When you scroll past an Instagram post about weight loss and then see a sad news headline about a specific event, you don't feel too positive. Try to allocate more time to activities that work for your mind and body.

2. Take Advantage of Work Perks

Maybe you chose your current position because the company offers free gym memberships and an iced coffee bar. It's not uncommon for businesses to include wellness programs, either – but they're only effective when you put them to use. If you don't know about particular programs, check with your supervisor or human resources to inquire.

You may discover that your employer provides onsite therapy, for example. There could be a beneficial mentorship program, as well. In any case, these perks can help you perform at your best. Plus, you'll take the time to become more involved with your workplace, which never hurts.

3. Prepare for the Future

About two-thirds of millennials struggle to understand how life insurance works, for example. While it's essential to enjoy each day as you please, it's also important to prepare.

Many Americans couldn't afford an accident if one happened, so why not start with an emergency fund? Move money into an account whenever possible so that you're ready for any surprises. You should explore retirement and insurance options, too. If you're a freelancer or contractor, you may need to take these steps without your employer's help. 
Either way, don't forget about your life ten years from now!

4. Establish a Bedtime Routine

If you're a millennial mom, you're no stranger to "hustle culture," or the need to climb the proverbial ladder of success continuously. We can attribute this attitude to a belief that we can do whatever's within reach. That ideology isn't harmful – in fact, it's crucial to display self-confidence and self-reliance. That said, this constant need to impress gets old fast, especially when it comes to a work-life balance.

When you stay up late to respond to emails, it's impossible to take care of yourself. Every night, try to put away your phone and laptop at least an hour before you plan to fall asleep. Read a book and listen to music as a way to relax. Then, set the correct alarm so that you can achieve at least seven hours of rest.

5. Manage Stress Properly

Are you overwhelmed due to money, relationships and life as a whole? You're not alone. Everyone has their share of worries, so stress management needs to be a top priority. A lot of millennial moms feel a need to keep up with those around them, even if it's not exactly beneficial to do so. Do your best to practice helpful techniques to minimize anxiety whenever it's present.

For instance, you could try yoga as a way to calm down after a long day. You may want to take a walk whenever you leave work. A daily moment of meditation can create a peaceful environment, as well. It's up to you to find a practice that works for your life.

6. Cook at Home More Often

A lot of people know millennials as the generation that can't afford to buy a house. Unlike older individuals, they don't spend money on jewelry or other expensive material items. Though millennial moms take up a majority of the workforce, they don't make as much money as their parents did at their age. While some millennials like to brand themselves as foodies, high-end takeout isn't always possible.

If you're on a tight budget, it can seem tough to go without your favorite coffee shop or local dive bar. Many adults cherish a shared meal with their friends, but those bills make an impact. Try to cook healthier options at home more often so that you don't waste cash on worse options.

Use These Tips for an Improved Lifestyle

Remember that every choice makes a difference down the line. Use these ideas to establish a healthier lifestyle overall.


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