Thursday 14 May 2020

Family Road Trips Playlist

The United States has gone through different seasons to shape its history. Today, we still have a fascination with its past and the stories that come with it. 

While we enjoy the creature comfort of smart devices, streaming television and food deliveries on demand, the original settlers and inhabitants of early America didn’t. Yet, they made natural materials like stone, wood and mud work for them. The use of these resources to build structures that stayed cool during hot summers and warm in cold winters. As simple as these dwellings were, many of them are still standing today. 

For example, homes in New England were made from stone and used mud to seal the cracks. This predates Joseph Aspen’s patent on modern-day concrete.

National Parks, community walkways and snack stands surround many of the forts (The Alamo) and homes (The Old Stone House) of yesterday. Luckily, there are still destinations that still remain frozen in time (Mesa Verde Cliff Palace). 

Grab the kids! Our friends at BigRentz are taking you on a virtual road trip to explore the oldest buildings in America. Be sure to check out your home state to find out if it made the top 15 list!

The 15 Oldest Buildings in America:

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