Saturday 2 May 2020

Are you thinking about dropping out of homeschooling? You are not alone!

I read a post the other day about parents calling it quits to the homeschooling routines and getting tired of doing the work teachers are still being paid to do. If you have been laid off and have the time to give your child 6 hours of schooling kudos to you! I work 11 hour days running a daycare in my home and by the time I am through with my day I am still expected to squeeze in schooling for 3 kids aged 11, 10, and 7! I am tired and only getting done what I can and it feels like I am just falling behind. So instead of making myself overworked and stressed out, I have decided to focus on my middle schoolers core assignments at night and do some simple educational activities with the elementary kids during the day.

We have begun doing daily activities to keep the kids active and using their brains. Incorporating the workouts and activities with my daily business has worked out great for both sides. There are some great educational resources being shared among the internet right now so you have plenty of options to choose from. Learning new skills with youtube videos has become quite popular and there are so many different options depending on what you're kids are into. You both can learn to draw, play cards, do hair, fix cars, build furniture, and so much more. There are also a vast number of educational podcasts if your kids are more into listening to stories than they are reading them.

Involving your kids in simple tasks while cooking and cleaning is also a great way to add some education to your days. Get them measuring and counting while making things or help them learn the lost art of sewing by hand and have them tackle that pile of holey clothes you have sitting around. Take the kids hiking or fishing and teach them about nature. There are so many great educational tools found in nature and skills that could lead them to a very exciting career choice. Learning direction, survival skills, tracking, and safety in the woods is something every child should be taught.

Remember this pandemic is going to end eventually and we should be back in school soon. The last few months will not destroy your child's future so try to take care of yourself and your family above all else. Remain calm and stay safe and just do what you can to incorporate education into their lives without ripping out your hair and feeling like a failure.

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