Monday 11 May 2020

Top 5 Tips On Keeping Readers Engaged

Whether you write about cooking, crafting, coupons and freebies, or simply life, in general, there is always something keeping your audience coming back for more. If you have just begun writing and aren't sure of what it takes to keep your audience engaged this is a great place to start. I have been writing for over 7 years and reading many different genres of blogs and websites for research, ideas, motivation and more. Some of which I return to continuously and others I find randomly while reading a fantastic piece I found on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. The ones I read on a regular basis always have content that keeps me engaged and these are the 5 main reasons for my return:

Unique Content
Have you ever searched google and gotten thousands of pages of the exact same information spread out over a number of different websites. It can be frustrating trying to find unique information on a topic and getting nothing but duplicates. The same can be said about sites that are all covering the same topics regularly, there are thousands of articles online about how to become rich working online, or how to become a paid influencer on social media and every single one has the same content repetitively. Finding unique articles that draw your attention is of the utmost importance when finding stuff to read to pass the time, learn some new skills, or happens to be a site you stumbled upon.

Relatable Stories
Reading stories about people you can relate to can help you connect on a deeper level even if you don't know them. Having someone going through the same struggles, living the same lifestyle or learning the same skills can help you to stay motivated, lift your spirits, and keep you wanting more. For instance, reading about a successful woman who started her journey as a struggling addict or a single mother can truly hit home for other women around the world. These stories have emotional connections that help people get through life's toughest challenges and keep them coming back for more.

Beautiful Photography
Pictures are some of the greatest ways to tell a story, the best photos are ones that are natural and not staged. Pictures of daily life, funny situations, and products you tried can be a sure-fire way to bring attention to new readers. Staying true to yourself and keeping things simple can be some of the greatest ways to capture breathtaking photos for your website or social channels.

Easy To Read Formatting
Have you ever gotten to a website trying to find a few simple things and gotten driven away by the way the website was written or laid out? The text size needs to be large enough that people aren't struggling to read what they are looking for. Adding bold headings can help people find keynotes they are looking for and lead them to read the entire article and more if done right. Titles that are relevant to the topic are very important to get people to even find the article you wrote.

Write About Things You Are Passionate About
When you are passionate about your topic the writing seems to just flow freely. You can come up with so many points without even doing research when you are passionate about something. Creating unique articles is a breeze when you love the topic so try to find ways to incorporate your interests into your writing.  Writing about stuff you love doesn't feel like work and you can create a successful blog or website that will bring in a vast audience if you stick to these general guidelines.

Keep writing and remember that we all have a story, nobody will ever know it if you don't write it down. Release the memories, life lessons, motivational stories, and genius thoughts in the power of the written word and you could live forever even after you have passed simply by touching the hearts of others with the words you have written.

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