Monday 8 June 2020

Personal injury cases and children: scenarios parents need to know

Whether they’ve fallen from their bike and they’ve cut their knee, or they’ve got a wobbly tooth
that’s painful - for us parents, when our child is hurt, we feel their pain and anguish. We’d do
anything to swap places with them and take their pain away. Even though all they need is a cuddle
and a sticky plaster, it’s one of the most difficult aspects of parenthood.

So, when your child is hurt because of the negligible actions of someone else, the anger, frustration
and upset we feel is almost unfathomable. How could someone do this? Was there anything that
could have been done differently? How do I seek justice for my child? What if they need care for the
rest of their lives? It’s in these circumstances that many parents reach out to a personal injury
lawyer like the ones at

So, what are the most common personal injury scenarios involving children? Read on to find out

Product liability
Thousands of products are recalled each year due to safety concerns. And ones involving children
are incredibly worrying. Sadly, some of these products slip through the net and are only recalled
after an accident. From toys that pose a choking hazard, to toys that can cause lacerations or other
injuries. Dangerous furniture, like dressers and cribs, and even food products that have been
recalled due to contamination or allergy misinformation. It’s the duty of the manufacturer to recall
products that are deemed dangerous.

Car crashes
Sadly, most serious and fatal accidents involving children are the result of car crashes. The injuries
sustained in a car crash vary from whiplash to cuts, broken bones and even brain trauma. Not
forgetting the fear, torment and potential psychological impact that the incident could have on your
child. You can visit to understand why it is common for parents to file a personal injury case on behalf of their injured children.

Slips and falls
Tripping over their feet in the park is expected. But slipping on a wet floor in a shopping mall and
breaking their leg? The party responsible for keeping patrons safe may be liable for their negligence.
Falling down a flight of stairs due to a faulty handrail, tripping over torn carpet and sustaining a head
injury in a community hall – thousands of accidents like these happen each year!

When a child participates in extracurricular activities then they should be safe from exploitation and
abuse. Thousands of cases are filed each year due to staff and volunteers taking advantage of their
positions and abusing children in their care. Although many victims don’t come forward until they’re
adults, it’s sadly an issue that is continuing to rise.

Final thoughts…
If you believe your child has been the victim of pain, suffering and injuries that weren’t their fault
reach out to a PI lawyer today.

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